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Ryan Piper Dancing

Ryan dancing with this Yoda shirt on

I’ve decided this page will be dedicated to stories about Ryan.  Kyle is getting older now and I would love for him to hear about his dad.  All stories, just please keep them appropriate for a 10 year old.  When you submit your story, please introduce yourself and your relation to Ryan.  If you have pictures you would like added to the story, please either upload them below or send them to and I would be happy to add them.  Since some pictures are spanning decades, and the original is a hard copy, you can mail them to me.  I will scan the pictures at a high resolution, clean them up, and send the digital pictures back as well as the hard copy.  Please email me if this is the case at and we can make arrangements.  Hope to hear from everyone!

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  2. Mark says:

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  3. Tree says:

    I have been close friends with “Aunt Heather” since high school. During those high school years, and after, I spent many days at her home, becoming close with her family as well. There was always a warmth in the home of a tight-knit loving family. The whole family is wonderful, but I’ll just speak of Ryan. Ryan was special – always a good kid, never caused trouble and had a sweetness about him. He often tagged along with us (our trio of Heather, Maggie and I) and joined in with our silliness. We had a “banshee call”, where we would yell, “banshee… ay ay ay ayyyy” (I did say silly). Ryan would do the call right along with us – so funny. He also was along when Heather “took” her mom’s car out for a joy ride. When I think of Ryan, I think of his kindness, his love of nature, sense of humor, days of working on projects with his dad and what a wonderful son, brother, father and friend he was. Kyle, I see so much of you in Ryan. When you think of your dad, be proud, he was so special, beyond words.

    • auntheather says:

      O Tree I forgot all about the banshee call.. that was great! I remember the time we took mom and dad’s car and went driving around Latrobe. I believe mom and dad took Nicole to visit colleges for the day. I guess we made the most of the day.

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