Fall Cartoon Line-Up of Years Past

Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.  ~Arthur Rimbaud


Nicole opening gifts & Ryan sitting on pap sucking his finger mid 1980s

Since it’s Friday and the weekend is on our heels, I got to thinking.  Each year around this time, it takes me back to my childhood.  Well, yes with the going back to school season, but also with the television line up.  When you hear of season premiers and the smell of fall in the air, I must admit I feel like a kid again.

Just the other day, I caught myself making a list of the shows I wanted to add to my agenda.  Granted, I don’t watch much TV and as the season progresses, my interest will decrease, but regardless I actually wrote down the shows and the times to get my bearings straight.  Greek, right?

As kids, we never really watched much television during the week either.  Up to a certain point, we only had one television set, that is until my sister got one for Christmas.  It was a small, and I mean SMALL, the entire unit measured probably about eight inches by eight inches by a foot, and the screen was even smaller, portable television set.  Not to mention, I came from a generation that went outside and played, even in the dead of winter.  No, we never really watched that much television in the evenings as kids, and when we did it was the news or Marty Stouffer.  I’ve seen every episode, on every animal, ever made, EVER.  Back then I hated it, yet now-a-days I catch myself watching animal planet and enjoying it.  Maybe I did like that show, but only because dad ruled the remote I didn’t care for it so much.  However, I do remember a brief time of watching *Thunder Cats, The Brady Bunch and *School House Rocks upon coming home after a long day of learning.  So I guess we did get our turn on the television set.

Before school we were allowed to watch morning cartoons, as long was we were ready-to-roll or in the process.  What shows consumed my mind before school?  We watched, *G.I. Joe, *Transformers, *Smurfs, New Zoo Review, *Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, *Scooby-Doo and the *Flintstones.  Granted these weren’t watched all at once or even in the same time frame, yet over the years they were our basic staples.

But what I really remember and still cracks me up to this day, was the Saturday morning fall line up.  Yes, the new cartoons or shows or the new episodes of some favorites that would premier on Saturday mornings around this time of year, much like it does now.  I loved waiting to hear about the fall line up!  It almost made going back to school enjoyable, because you knew you’d get a break on Saturday mornings.


Kyle & his pappy watching TV. Kyle usually got to watch what he wanted … Kyle is sitting on a large pillow I made him. c. 2004

To make things fair so Nicole, Ryan and myself wouldn’t fight, mom would get the TV Guide and let us pick out what we each wanted to watch.  Yes, we mapped out our Saturday morning shows in advance!  It was actually fun.  No wonder why I’m such a planner and I live by my schedule to this day.  While watching our shows, we would literally refer to the previously outlined schedule, written on a notepad, and stuck to it like gold, checking off each show as they were completed.  We treated the Saturday morning line up like it was work and we were doing our job!  No joke!  As the weeks passed we didn’t need our notepad for we now memorized the line up.

During the planning stages, which happened about a week out from the new line-up, we would pull newspaper ads and highlight all shows of interest.  When it was two against one, the odd ball would have to watch his or her desired show in the bedroom on the tiny television set. (refer to paragraph three).   Sometimes we all agreed on a cartoon, which made it more fun to sit together on the couch, wrapped in our blankets.  Yes, we even had our own designated blankets.  This was serious business!  The worst part was when two shows were on at the same time, both of equal interest, yet we had to made choice pick one.  Back then there wasn’t such a thing as TiVo or DVR, nope.  Eventually, we got a VCR, but recording the cartoons to watch later was never an option.  Perhaps we didn’t think of it or mom didn’t want us spending ALL day in front of the boob tube?  Either way, we had to make a choice, which was good practice for later on in life.

The line up started around 7:30 am or so till about noon, which at that point we had to get off our butts and do our chores, homework etc.  Usually, I got up earlier in preparation for the shows.  Nicole and Ryan had a little harder time getting out of bed, but once they heard the television spring to life, they bolted out as to not miss their placement.

The best part?  Dad and mom weren’t allowed to change the channel on us.  Dad was either working or doing something and mom was on hand to break up any disputes, yet they rarely interrupted us during our scheduled time.  Not to mention, mom always made us breakfast and we ate it while watching cartoons.  What did we have?  Usually eggs or oatmeal or cream of rice or french toast or pancakes.  But what did we want?  Sugar cereal!  Mom didn’t purchase too much cereal, but when she did it was a treat and was like crack cocaine!

So what were the shows of years past?  If my memory serves me well we watched (in no particular order and excluding previously mentioned).  Prepare yourself to be taken back to the past!:

  • *Ewoks
  • Snorks
  • Rainbow Bright
  • Punky Brewster
  • Berenstain Bears
  • Teen Wolf
  • Shirt Tales
  • *Speed Buggy
  • Gem
  • Captain Caveman & the Teen Angels
  • *Josie & the Pussycats
  • Mighty Mouse
  • *Superfriends
  • Ghostbusters
  • *Alvin & the Chipmunks
  • The Littles
  • *Casper
  • *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • *Spider-man
  • Dark-wing Duck
  • *Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats
  • Duck Tales


I’m sure over the years there were more, but those listed I definitely remember watching.  Of course we were part of the Loony Tune generation and I’ve seen all of those.

On a side note, most of my favorite shows involved cats. I just realized that!  I have always been a cat lover.  My pappy used to call me old cat woman.  I am a geek!

While Kyle was growing up there were a few favorites of his including:

  • George Shrinks
  • *Jakers!  And the Adventures of Pigglywinks
  • Thomas & Friends
  • Bear in the Big Blue House
  • Teletubbies (only when he was really little, they were scary!  LaLa and Poe were his favorites!)
  • Sponge Bob (Yes, I’ll admit I have fallen prey to this cartoon)
  • Pokemon
  • Scooby-Doo (the older ones and new ones.  Hence, why Kyle’s dog (a blond Labrador) is named Scooby)
  • Fairly Odd Parents
  • Adventure Time (hated that stupid yellow dog!)
  • Phineas & Ferb
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Ben 10
  • How to Train Your Dragon Cartoon
  • The Penguins from Madagascar (they crack me up!)
  • Johnny Test
  • Wonder Pets (What’s gonna work? Team work!) (The phone, the phone is ringing.)
  • Bob the Builder

Did we ever outline such a schedule for Kyle?  Sadly no.  First of all, we have more than one large television set and my parents have Direct TV and I always had cable at my house.  Not to mention, there are channels upon channels dedicated to cartoons and influencing our young generation day and night.  No need to outline a plan of attack, for Kyle was able to watch cartoons anytime.  Plus, ad in all of his DVDs, no shortage of entertainment for the kid.  To be honest, all this fulfillment when desired takes the fun out of it all.  I liked having to wait and plan for such an event as Saturday morning.  It made you look forward to it more and we spent time together.  Perhaps that might become retro again.

*Means a favorite of mine

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Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.  ~John Wooden

Academy Award OscarEvery once in a while, the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Office reaches out to me to do extra work.  You know, be the person in the background during a scene, the extra movement on camera.  When I have time I partake in said activity.  Why not?  It’s a little extra cash and I think it’s fun to be on set, to see the true workings of a movie or TV show being shot.  Plus it’s fun to meet other extras and the chance to see a celebrity is exciting.

My most recent appearance?  I was on set for a new TV show being shot in Pittsburgh for the A&E Channel called Those Who Kill.  My first appearance on the show?  It was a few months ago and it was almost too comical.  I had to park my car in the background at the State Penitentiary.  Then, I had to move my car into a different parking lot a few feet away, and then my ultimate appearance of that shoot, I had to drive past the house they were shooting from.  Yes!  My car got a lot of action.  I was cracking up as I had to drive up and down the street on cue.  My sister thought that was the funniest thing she ever heard!  I told her, “Ya every time I passed the house, I would turn my head in that direction.”  We both laughed at my silliness.  As if I really thought my face would be seen in the background, in a car, on the street from inside a house.

The second time I made my appearance on the show, I definitely got more face time.  There were a few scenes I was in, even crossing paths with the actors.  Well, you never can tell what will end up on the cutting room floor and what will make it, but chances are with all the exposure I did get, my face will be seen.  Is it important to me?  Not really.  It’s just fun to anticipate my appearance and naturally pointing myself out to others.  I’m not delusional to think I will get a huge acting gig from the corner of a single scene, and I know the Academy Awards don’t have me on speed dial.  I’m simply enjoying life and I try to spice things up a bit and move my own cheese, getting me out of the every day routine.

Since the Grammy’s are this Sunday and the Academy Awards are not far behind, it makes you wonder what it would be like, being surrounded by that amount of fame?  And my second thought, if I had only a few minutes to meet specific actors who would I select?

Some people get totally goo-goo eyed over their encounters with celebs.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is exciting and neat to meet those we watch on TV and the big screen, but I would never pass out over the idea of meeting any celebrity.

Kyle is getting more and more into movies.  I love it!  I am a movie fan myself, maybe not as serious as some, but I do like a variety of genres.  Everything from thriller/suspense, to comedy, romantic comedy, action, a little bit of drama, chick flicks, musicals, advant guard and I love movies that are based on true stories.  Gory horror movies are my least favorite.  I don’t mind the blood and guts, but I like to use my imagination and sometimes it’s taken way over the edge.

Kyle on the other hand loves his comedies.  He doesn’t like horror or scary at all!  I can’t even say he likes thrillers or suspense.  Kyle gets too stressed over the anticipation and the idea of being scared.  I remember watching Coroline with him, the children’s movie about a girl who goes to the other side of a scary world.  Kyle was wrapped around my neck the entire time watching the movie through my hair.  He doesn’t mind some action and some drama, but not too much, he emotionally cannot separate himself and he physically can’t handle it.

Anyway, while Kyle and I have talked about the idea of “Who would you like to meet?” I can say I do have a small yet distinguished list.  Naturally, over the years I’ve thought about this topic and discussed it with friends.  While the names have changed as movies have come and gone and as I’ve matured, there are a few that remain constant.

There are two ways of looking at it, those who are with us and those who are not.  Since Kyle doesn’t really have the experience of liking an actor or celebrity and having them pass away, I stuck to the live ones.

Ladies first, my list of actresses includes Wonder Woman herself Lynda Carter; the lovely and talented Julie Andrews; the amazing Bernadette Peters; the humorous and seemingly fun Cameron Diaz, Hollywood’s current it gal, Jennifer Lawrence; action packed Lucy Liu; and smart and well rounded Natalie Portman.

Now the gentlemen.  My list would include the diverse Liam Neeson; the mysterious yet funny Christopher Walken;  Hollywood’s silly and talented, Johnny Depp; the heroic Orlando Bloom, the sarcastic and dynamic, Robert Downy Jr.; sweet Judd Law; and the newest member of my list, Mr. Chris Ashton Kutcher.

Seems like there are more guys on the list, which was not intentional.  I know there are others I would like to add, but for today, that’s a pretty solid line up.

My list of powerhouse influentials include, Sarah Palin, I’d love to go running with her; Bill O’Reilly; Tyra Banks; Stephanie Meyer; and of course his holiness Pope Francis.

I know I’ve discussed Kyle’s affection toward Oooh I Like Johnny Depp.  Aside from that I really don’t know who else Kyle would like to meet.  He doesn’t really get star struck, at least not yet.  Maybe, he never will.  As time passes I’m sure his tastes will change.

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