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A child can bring common sense to reality.

If you really listen and see the world through a child’s eyes, you’re at least smart enough to realize they have a lot to teach us… like common sense. ~ Heather Piper

Let me first set the stage…  About a week or so ago I dropped my iPhone.  Well, I guess I didn’t just drop it, I dropped it twice in a row within a matter of seconds directly on the blacktop.  Now I must say, the first time it fell, the front of the case snapped off and the phone was fine.  But the second time it fell, both sides of the case flew off and the phone ended up face down on the blacktop of the parking lot at work. Yes, it was around 7ish am and I was really tired that morning.  The phone had a nick taken out of the bottom left corner and a hairline fracture across the lower half of the face.  Really not bad for such a fall or really two back-to-back falls.  This has been known as The Fallen (I’m a fan of Lauren Kate’s Fallen Series)

Kyle Piper, Nicole Piper and Aunt Heather Piper at Gutchess' computer
Me, Kyle & Nicole in mom's office at Gutchess Hardwoods. Notice Kyle's hand on the mouse.

Let me take you back about a month.  I noticed there was a chip out of my phone case, exactly at the corner where it snaps to hold the case on.  I’m not sure how this happened but I should have known it was certainly a prelude to trouble ahead.  But me being me, I just ignored it and figured, if its still working then leave well enough alone.

Well, occasionally Kyle likes to download games (only free ones) to my phone and play while he’s in the car.  I don’t mind him playing on my phone for a number of different reasons. One: he’s better at operating the phone than I am, two: he has always shown respect and responsibility for the phone and his DS etc. and three: I believe in introducing children to everything and teaching them from the start.  I’ve even had Kyle on my lap and let him steer the car up the driveway.  And when Kyle was just able to speak, I showed him how to make calls on my old flip phone.  I showed him where my parent’s and my sister’s phone numbers were and how to dial 911, just in case of an emergency.  Now I’ve never just handed the phone over to him and expected him to understand how to work it, although now-a-days I bet he could figure it out.

Kyle Piper building blocks
Kyle loved to build! But he was always attentive to things going on around him. He was even watch George W. Bush on TV.

Well, since “The Fallen” I didn’t want extra wear and tear on the phone, just in case it would damage the electronics under the glass.  So when I picked Kyle up for swimming, he reached for my phone.  I showed him the crack and told him I didn’t want him playing on the phone until I got it fixed.

He asked me how it happened, in an almost authoritative manner.  Then I felt like I had to explain myself like I was in trouble.  When I started telling him the story, he laughed so hard.  Apparently he thought it was funny or it was my explanation that brought on the humor.  I said, “Kyle, I was getting my things out of the car for work and the phone was like a slippery fish. I couldn’t get a hold of it and it dropped the first time.”  He said, “You mean you dropped it more than once?”  Yikes!  What was I going to say?  I couldn’t lie about it, so I told him how I dropped it twice – in a row.  I said, “And then right after I picked up the phone and made sure it was ok, I swear it sprouted wings and flew out of my hands and ended up face down on the blacktop.”  He laughed saying, “Slippery fish, ya Aunt Heather your phone was like a fish you had to pull out of the water!” and then he said, “It grew wings and flew out of your hands, ya Aunt Heather I could see it just flying around you and taking a dive for the ground.”  He was saying this all while he was demonstrating with his hands and making swooshing and zroomering noises.  He found such humor in the story and started to make me laugh.

Kyle Aunt Nikki Piper
Kyle with his Aunt Nikki figuring out how to use the camera. He was always wondering how things were built.

After swimming, I either get him his dinner or I make it and we hang at my house.  While we were at the house discussing the news, he took my phone and was examining the crack.  He turned to me and said, “Aunt Heather you should back up everything on the phone so you don’t lose it.”  I was flabbergasted!  First of all, for him to think of that and secondly, that I did not.  He said so sincerely, “Ya Aunt Heather you can use my DS since it has the card and you can save everything on there and download it to the computer.”  I thanked him profusely for the idea, and I meant it!  I also thanked him for the offer of using his DS.

You know, these are the stories when I realize how smart and grown-up Kyle really is – that and how much he REALLY knows me!  He is always thinking ahead, planning and preparing.

Kyle Piper studying art history with his Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle reviewing my art history books

So later on that week, I made my voyage to the Apple store in Shadyside.  One of the first things my Genius asked me, “Did you back everything up?”  I smiled from ear to ear, and said, “My nephew suggested that I back everything up, so I did this morning.”  He said, “Wow, smart kid!”  You know what? He most certainly is!  Maybe there’s a direct correlation between Kyle and my Apple “Genius”.

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