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A surprise gesture means the world.

Surprise is the greatest gift, which life can grant us.  ~ Boris Pasternak

Kyle Piper helping his Gigi stack wood.
Kyle helps his Gigi stack wood, although he had to have work gloves on.

Kyle is not what I would call a worker bee.  He is more the queen bee type, dictating orders rather than exerting himself.  Please keep in mind this wasn’t always the case.  He loved to help vacuum, dust, do yard work and the list goes on and on, just like his dad.  Then something happened about five years ago and he started to get lazy and didn’t want to help with chores, let alone go out of his way for others without being asked.

Every once in a while, Kyle redeems himself and takes me totally off guard.

This past Friday, Kyle and I had to run to the grocery store to finish getting our ingredients for our cooking show, soon to air on my blog!  Please look for it later.  While walking the isles and grabbing the few items we needed, I remembered my mom mentioned she was running low on dog food.  We went down the dog food isle to save the day for the dogs.  I might need to mention that we have two Labrador retrievers, a yellow, slightly hefty one (I won’t embarrass him by saying his weight) and a black beady-eyed 70lb puppy.  Bringing home a small bag of dog food would only wet their appetite so Kyle and I found the largest bag (38 lbs).  Keep in mind we didn’t have a buggy since we only needed a few items.  I was going to have Kyle carry the single items while I carried the dog food to the check out.  Just as I was bending over, Kyle stopped me and said, “Wait Aunt Heather, you can’t carry that. Remember when you threw out your back?”  It’s been since July when I strained my lower back (moving a keg of beer for the 64th Annual Piper Reunion).   He said, “I don’t want you to hurt it again, remember Aunt Heather how much it hurt?”  What a sweet gesture!  I told him, “I’ll be ok.” and he said, “No, wait Aunt Heather, I’ll go get a buggy. Don’t move!”  He ran out of the isle so fast (Kyle doesn’t normally go above two miles an hour) to the front of the store to retrieve a buggy.  He shot back pretty fast too.  I asked him, “You didn’t run into anyone did you?”  He said, “Well… not really, but I almost did.”  O my! But you just have to love the gesture.  Then, as he pulled the buggy up beside the dog food bag, I went to reach down and he jumped in front of me and started lifting it up.  My Narrow really wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt!  I love my man, sometimes he just surprises you.

I do want to point out that his little acts of kindness are not a totally endangered species.  But it does bring a smile to my face and makes me proud to call them out.

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