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Happy 42nd Anniversary Mom & Dad!

All you need is love.  ~John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Mom & Dad Wedding - Heather Piper
Mom & Dad's Wedding 12/12/69

Congratulations to mom and dad on their 42nd Wedding Anniversary!  They were married at Sacred Heart Church on a Friday night while a blizzard was tearing through Latrobe, PA.  Mom was 20 years old and dad 19 years old.

Mom and Dad in Germany- Heather Piper
Mom and dad by a countryside in Europe

Shortly after getting married, they both moved to Aschaffenburg, Germany where dad was stationed in the army during the Vietnam war.  He drove Armed Personal Carrier (APC called Lady Willpower), tanks and jeeps.  Besides the occasional exploration with the Sargent’s wife in her Chevy Impala, mom drove a Volkswagen bug.  Keep in mind it didn’t have breaks so they would use the emergency brake.

Dad graduated from Army boot camp at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in the fall of 1969.  Then he was off to Fort Knox, Kentucky where mom and dad decided on the phone at Thanksgiving day to get married as soon as he got home in two weeks, before leaving for Germany at the end of December.

Mom and Dad in Germany - Heather Piper
Mom & Dad in their apartment 1 Block from base. Someone should have told dad about his color choice...
Mom and Dad in Germany - Heather Piper
Mom & Dad - Dad's graduation from Fort Jackson South Carolina Fall '69

During their adventures in Germany, they occasionally would save up money to explore other places of Europe including Paris and Holland.  Eventually making their way back to the United States, they had my sister five years after they were married.

Six years after my parents got married, or 21 months from when my sister was born, to the day, at 6:09 am, they were blessed with their second daughter, me.  Yes I was their best anniversary gift ever!  🙂 My brother then came along 21 months after I was born.  Who would have thought these actions would result in the recorded history of my parents in my blog.








Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Heather Piper Birthday Party
My birthday party. My Aunt Irene (godmother) made the cakes.

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