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Happy Birthday Kyle- 10 Years Old!

“Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once” ~Anonymous

Aunt Heather & Kyle Piper on his 10th Birthday.
My annual birthday surprise at Kyle’s daycare. This year was cupcakes for everyone!

First and foremost, I’d like to wish Kyle a big Happy 10th Birthday! 

We celebrated his birthday last weekend at my parent’s house.  We were going to go to D.C. to visit my sister and begin the birthday celebration but, unfortunately, I hurt my back  (moving a keg of beer for the 64th Annual Piper Reunion, the weekend prior) and I couldn’t make the drive.  So Nicole came up for the weekend.

The Friday started out by me picking Kyle up from daycare and I was immediately instructed by him to stop by the Dairy Queen to get his Lego themed birthday cake.  He said he wanted to eat the cake tomorrow at 8:30.  I asked him, “Do you want to wait that late tomorrow to eat your cake?” and his reply was, “No Aunt Heather, 8:30 in the morning. Actually, make it 8:00 I want to eat my ice-cream cake early.”  LOL, he had it all planned out.  Then we went to the Planinsek’s, family friends, where their entire family was eating and hanging out in the in-ground pool.  It was such a nice time, not to mention a great distraction for Kyle, since my sister was on her way from Virginia with his gifts.

Well the weekend was fun!  Ice-cream cake around 10:00, only cause my dad had to work in the morning and we wanted to make sure he was home before singing happy birthday.  Nicole took Kyle shopping, I took him to the pool with Nick, my friend Holly’s nephew, and we went to see the last Harry Potter movie, which was really good.

Kyle with his Aunt Nikki for his 3rd Birthday
Kyle with his Aunt Nikki for his 3rd Birthday

On a side note, while Nicole and Kyle were shopping at Game Stop, they ran into Heather, a mutual friend of ours, with her kids.  Unfortunately, the night before, there was a house fire and their house burned to the ground.  Everyone was ok, but Heather wanted to buy her kids a game to help them cope with the tragedy.  I was told that Kyle stepped up to the plate and helped the kids pick out a game. Also kudos to Heather’s oldest daughter, Rachele, who actually rescued the two little munchkins!

I can’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kyle and be a part of his life for a decade now.  I know it’s cliché to say this but… it seems like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital with my mom and my brother waiting for this little bundle of boy.  There are so many things I can reflect on but I would like to say that I am very proud of the little man Kyle has become.  His dad would have been equally proud.

Now, indulge me with a little reminiscing.  Over the years, I’ve always told Kyle that I will only get him unconventional gifts.  Not that I don’t believe in traditional gifts but, the truth is, he has way too many.  It would be one thing if he never received toys, but he has way too much for any one child.  I think it’s silly and a waste.  I will admit that I used to buy him toys up until the age of two or three.  At that point I used to put money in his education fund. I’ve always been straight up and honest with Kyle so, when he got older, I explained that he will only receive unconventional gifts from me.  I wanted to get him gifts that can impact and benefit him in the long term.

Kyle Piper's 3rd Birthday celebration
Kyle Piper’s 3rd Birthday celebration! Trucks was the theme.

For example, for his fifth birthday I got him swimming lessons.  I have been taking Kyle to swimming lessons one day a week since he was five, we’re going on five years now and still going strong.  He loves to swim, especially swimming to the “depths of the pool”.  His diving has really improved over the years and now he is being taught different strokes like the butterfly.  I’m so glad he enjoys swimming and I cherish our time together!

For his sixth birthday I got him piano lessons.  My mom had the honor of taking him to his first lesson and she said he was so excited, he was jumping out of his skin!  When I told him that I got him the lessons he didn’t give it much thought, that is, until he had his first lesson.  He walked into the teacher’s house and went straight over to the piano.  He started to hit the keys until he honed in on the guitar sitting in the corner.  I know Miss Debbie, his teacher, had a hard time trying to get him to focus, but she said she was so happy to see a child wanting to learn and not being forced.  I bet he brought a smile to her face cause I know mom and I were laughing on the phone during his lesson when she was giving me the play-by-play.

Kyle Piper turns 8 at Chef Dato's restaurant
Kyle’s 8th birthday party. It was a cooking party with Chef Dato, all the kids made pizza.

Then of course everyone remembers his famous ninth birthday when I took him to Westmoreland Aviation and he got to fly a small plane for an hour.  After the flight, that little stinker was interviewed by the Latrobe Bulletin and appeared on the front page with a picture of him in the plane and he appeared in two different press releases.  He was also featured on the Westmoreland Aviation’s website with a ton of pictures of him.  I got to go up in the plane with him…what a fun day!

Of course I could go on and on.  But this year, as like other years, he never really seems to care about asking me for his gift.  He likes them, but they are not toys or games so I guess they are not interesting enough at the moment. I’m ok with that because my intention for his gifts is to have as much staying power as possible, and I think they do.



Kyle Piper with his dad Ryan Piper the day he was born.
Kyle Piper with his dad Ryan Piper the day he was born. July 30, 2001
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