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Happy Veterans Day

It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you.  ~Author Unknown
Having the privilege and honor of knowing veterans and future veterans, I am very proud to say Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans DayMy dad was in the army stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War, my grandpap Chester fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II, receiving the purple heart.  I have countless uncles who served in various military divisions including Merchant Marines, Army, and the Navy.  Not to mention those who supported our troops on the home front including my mom’s mom, who worked in the factory.

My mom told us stories, that her mother told her, about the secrecy of the time during World War II.  You see Latrobe was a big steel producing area at the time.  They produced steel for tanks, bombs and such.  In fact, I heard that Latrobe was a target to be taken out.  Whether that’s true or not I really don’t know, but evidently my mom’s mom said periodically fleets of military trucks used to drive up past her house (which is the same house my parents live in today)  in the middle of the night with their lights off.  They would drive up through the woods on a dirt road where there was a secret bunker of some sort to store the weapons/supplies.  I guess no one was allowed to speak of it.  The next morning was like any other and the women would go back to working in the factories.  In recent times I’ve asked about the secret storage location and I was told it was destroyed.  I’m still curious, one day I’ll go on an exploratory hike to try to uncover a trace of the story.

It’s amazing how far removed we are today from what’s going on around us, unless it’s in our front yard.  We are truly blessed to live in the United States and be called Americans!  Happy Veterans Day!

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