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Lighting Up the Holiday

Christmas lights make the whole world beautiful.  ~Kyle Piper  c. 2004

Kyle hanging with santa clause Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle hanging with Santa Clause c.2003 Those are Bob the Builder boots... his favorite at the time.

Christmas is very much a part of my family, as so many others.  Going to Sacred Heart Elementary School, Christmas meant rehearsing for the manger play, not just making snowflakes and Santa Clauses.  Advent meant preparing for our Savior, not the number of days left for shopping.  Christmas has changed a lot, or least from my sheltered perspective.  Not that there is anything wrong with the latter, but it’s nice to get wrapped up in the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy the time of season.

I am certainly no Scrooge, but again I am no Clark Griswold either.  I put up Christmas decorations inside my house and I always decorate a live Christmas tree my dad buys me.  That has turned into our tradition over the years.  But I have always neglected the outside of the house, in terms of Christmas cheer.  Well, this did not sit well with Kyle.  For the last couple of years he has commented on how I am the only house on the street without Christmas lights.  Yes, when you look down the street, my house appears as a big black hole.  Did it bother me?  Nope.  And this year was no exception. That is until Kyle put his foot down.  While Kyle was helping me decorate, he made a comment again about the lights and then said, “Aunt Heather, you need to have lights on your house so you are not the only one without lights.”  My response was, “That’s ok honey, I don’t care.”  Kyle countered, “But your house would look so nice with lights, and the street would be all lit up.”  Obviously he was seeing the bigger picture that I never noticed before.  I buckled and said, “Kyle, will you be happy if I put up Christmas lights this year?”  His response, almost as fast as I could get the words out, was, “YES!”  Then I told him I was not getting up on the roof.  Boy, at this point I do sound like a Scrooge.  He instructed me where the lights would look good and how I should put them up.  After all he knows so much about putting up Christmas lights (sarcasm).

Kyle giving santa his list - Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle running down his list of requests. My guess, Legos and Thomas the Train made the list.

As we dickered about the layout of the lights, I was flooded with such a sweet memory.  When Kyle was about three years old or so, he was out shopping with his Aunt Nikki.  As soon as Nicole got home, she couldn’t wait to tell me what Kyle said.  Eventually, as they were driving, Kyle belted out from the backseat of the car that “Christmas lights make the whole world beautiful”.  It was such an innocent way of looking at Christmas lights.  I should have known then how much he loved the lights and how much they meant to him.

Well,  needless to say, I kept my promise and went to the store to buy outside Christmas lights.  I stood in the dark, in the rain and strung them through my Rhododendrons and shrubbery.  I will admit, they did look nice!  And it did light up the house and showed off the window decorations.  In fact, I was over pleased with the lights and the sense of the season they brought me, I left them on all night and the entire next day, since it was dark, rainy and gloomy.  Not to mention I wanted them lit up so when Kyle and I pulled up to the house, he would see them right away.

Kyle hugging Santa Clause Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle giving Santa a big old hug! There was a day when he was afraid of the jolly man.

When I picked Kyle up for swimming, I told him I had a surprise at the house for him.  He said, “Did you get Christmas lights?”  What a stinker!  That just proves it, he owns us!  When he saw the lights, he said, “See how nice and bright the lights are?  Now your house won’t be the only one without Christmas lights.”  You know what, he was right!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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