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Little Acts of Kindness

That best portion of a good man’s life, his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.  ~  William Wordsworth

Over the years I have been blessed by random acts of kindness directed toward my family and myself. I’ve always said it’s those little things that make a world of difference.

Kyle Piper mowing the lawn.  Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle was showing us his mowing technique

Kyle is a self professed oatmeal guru and, you know, his oatmeal is really pretty good! We both like it plain with honey. Recently I read somewhere that honey ingested over a period of time can help counter the effects of pollen and other allergens in the spring. Well, I guess Kyle was listening when I was talking about the honey because I was not feeling well all weekend and, when I woke up this morning, I felt like crap. I asked Kyle if he would make me some oatmeal before we left for CCD class and church and he did so happily. However, when I began to eat it, it seemed very very very sweet. He said, “Like it, Aunt Heather? I added a lot of honey so you are not effected by the flowers this spring.” You see, I kept sneezing and my nose was draining all weekend. I did say to my mom, “It’s kind of like I have an allergy, cause I’m not achy like I have the flu.” Well, I guess Kyle heard that comment too and took it to heart. What a thoughtful young man. Come to think of it, every time I sneezed over the weekend, he would bless me, even if he were in another room. He would yell out, “Bless You!” and I would mumble, “Thank you.” What a polite and amazing little man. He brings a smile to my face.

Later on today, he left to go to the mall with my parents and I heard him say he wanted a pretzel at Auntie Anne’s. Just about every time Kyle and I go to the mall, I always get him a pretzel. As they were leaving, I over heard him talking to my dad, saying, “I want to get a pretzel at Aunt Annie’s, and let’s get Aunt Heather one too, cause she likes them. Maybe we can get one for Aunt Nikki, except she’s going home, so maybe not.” What a nice, sincere plan of thoughtfulness!

You know, these instances are not rare, in fact they are pretty plentiful, I just don’t remember them all the time. Since today is my dad’s 60th birthday I do remember a very sincere act of kindness…

Kyle playing in coal - Aunt Heather Piper
Sometimes I can't tell if Kyle's working or playing...

Kyle is not much for physical activity nowadays, but he does enjoy helping out around the house when everyone else is helping. This past fall, dad had wood that needed stacked, among other chores. Kyle did help me for a while, with minimal reluctance, at least until a piece of wood rolled back on his fingers, bending them back. Of course, that does hurt and I don’t blame him for stopping and taking a break, but he left me. So I finished up what I needed to and helped dad get the furnace ready for the winter, cover the fishing boat, etc. Kyle eventually made his way around to us and was basically in the way. He couldn’t understand why we weren’t entertaining him. He said, “Pap pap what’s wrong?” and dad simply said, “I’m tired and thirsty and I want to finish this.” Kyle walked away and we didn’t think anything of it, until he came out of the house with a glass of water for dad. All he said was, “Here pap pap, I brought this for you.” Can you believe the kind thought? Without being prompted or expecting anything.

Kyle makes me so proud!

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