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Missing A Story Creates Your Own

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.  ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Recently Kyle has been getting bloody noses.  Please note, I’ve never had a bloody nose, nor have I had a broken nose.  In fact, my nose is my favorite feature.  Kyle and I have the same perfect noses. I like to take this opportunity to say that everyone can say millions of  things they’d like to change about themselves, but I think it’s important to recognize and name your good features too.

Aunt Heather Piper and Kyle Christmas 2003
Me & Kyle Christmas 2003

Anyway, back to the dreaded bloody nose.  This was the first bloody nose Kyle’s ever gotten.  At first I thought maybe he scratched the inside of his nose and there was a little bit of blood on the tissue (he does have a history of exaggerating and making a mountain out of a mole hill) until he told me they couldn’t get the bleeding to stop and he had to go to the nurse’s office.  I must say, I was alarmed when Kyle told me about his bloody nose situation in school.  I even twittered it and a few friends responded out saying to not worry, the air is dry and it happens.  My sister called me mentioning she had a bloody nose recently too and it’s nothing to get all excited over.  Actually, before we spoke on the phone we were bantering back and forth via twitter.  I guess that’s a new one for us.  I can only imagine those following us and what they thought of our comments back and forth through the twitter feeds.  Of course, no one dared to join in on the conversation, not that I blame them.  But to reinforce my point, I’ve never had a bloody nose, on the contrary to what my sister thinks.

Aunt Heather Piper at work 2011
Surprise! Me at work 2011

Kyle seemed really upset.  I told him not to worry, it was the dry air and that we would get him a humidifier, if needed, to get the moisture back in the air.  Then I was struck with awe because he was really upset over missing story time!  Can you believe that?  He was upset over missing his teacher read to the class.  He said, “Ya, I missed the entire story.  They made me go to the nurses office and sit there until the bleeding stopped.  I missed the entire story!  And I wanted to hear it.”  My has he come a long way, being upset over a book.  I was not happy he missed his story time and I certainly wasn’t happy he got a bloody nose, but I was very happy to hear he enjoys story hour.  I told him to get the name of the story and I will read it to him.  He responded by saying, “Ya, but it’s not like hearing it in school.”  I said, “No buddy I guess not, but at least you get to hear the story too.”  He shrugged his shoulders in a dismissive ‘man I missed the entire story’ gesture.

Since then Kyle has gotten several bloody noses, mostly at school.  Then I realized he could get one while he was with me!  I don’t think I could handle seeing blood pour from my Kyle’s nose!   But I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  Maybe Kyle’s bloody nose will create a story for me too.

To really understand why I am so happy Kyle loves story time, please see I HATE READING & Harry Potter Made Me Do It!

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