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Scary Good Morning

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.  ~Author Unknown

Incredibles Heather Piper
We were the Incredibles, Elastigirl (me) and Dash (Kyle). Yep, I made these costumes. Best costumes ever!

Yesterday, mom, dad and I went to see Kyle’s Halloween parade at his school.  As he marched around the parking lot with all the other ghosts and ghouls, I realized I will only get to see him do this one more year.  Where has all the time gone?  No more asking him about his Halloween party at school, no more getting excited about what he’s going to be for Halloween, no more thrill of trick or treating, and no more candy!  Yikes!  Of course this shouldn’t be a surprise to me. Every year since Kyle understood the tradition of getting dressed up and receiving candy, we would start talking about his costume over the summer.  I loved it!  I must say I would get equally as excited as Kyle, maybe more.  For Kyle’s early years, his Aunt Nikki would purchase his costumes online and send them home.  It was her way of being involved since, at the time,  she lived so far away in Tucson, Arizona.  Then, when he became of age to make his own decisions and had his own costume opinions, I sometimes would make our outfits, yep, from scratch.  I would make my own patterns and sew and sew and sew or Papier-mâché.  And, of course, we usually went as a pair.  But, this year was different.  I asked Kyle during the summer what he wanted to be for Halloween and he would comment, “I’m not sure.” or “I don’t really care.”  That was my first indicator that Kyle was growing up and was no longer excited about the scary fun of the season.

This morning was one of those memorable perfect mornings.  Kyle and I got up around 6:30 am and we cuddled in the reclining chair while watching Saturday morning cartoons.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I must have blinked quickly a dozen times before coming to the realization of the blanket of fresh snow outside.  “It snowed!” I told Kyle.  He immediately said, “Can we get our snowboards out?”  I had to giggle at that comment.  What was really funny, about an hour later, my sister started texting us to see what we were doing.  Only my family is up that early on a Saturday morning.  Yep, it was a perfect morning!

Dash Incredible Heather Piper
My Dash- Kyle thought people wouldn't recognize him in his costume.

While sitting there I couldn’t help but reflect back on my years of Halloween fun.  I remember we, as in my brother and cousins and I, would go down to my uncles barn and prepare the feed corn for corning.  If you are not aware what corning is, it’s simply throwing corn at cars, houses, and people in the dark during the Halloween season.  Once we corned grandma Ferry’s car.  She wasn’t really my grandma.  She was my neighbor and, since I only had one grandma living, she treated us like her grandchildren.  Anyway, we corned her car as she drove past one night and practically gave her a heart attack.  She stopped the car and laid into us.  Like I said, she treated us like her very own.   We never corned cars again.  What we did was continue to run through the woods, in the middle of the night, and sneak up on each others houses and corn the heck out of them.  It was always so much fun sitting there watching TV and, the next thing you know, you would hear the corn hit the front porch and window.  Then Ryan and I would get up, grab our bag of corn, and run out after my cousins.  Halloween was always such a fun time to me. I’ll share more stories soon.

Latrobe Parade Heather Piper
Walking in the Latrobe Parade... the Incredibles and Heather and Aden beside us!

As Kyle and I sat there, we started to get restless.   He decided to get dressed and take the dogs outside.  He got their collars on and said to me, “Should I let the beasts out?” Kyle took the dogs outside to play in the snow.  He stood out on the porch in a t-shirt and sweatpants yelling, “It’s snowing!”  The dogs ran around the yard, tearing up the new snow like they were children.  Just then, Kyle peeked his head in and yelled, “Get the sled!” and came in to put on gloves, a hat, and a jacket.  He went out and threw snowballs at the dogs as they chased him around.  Yep, I had a great morning!

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