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The Piper Christmas Tree

Remember Aunt Heather, make the tree happy and then it will make you happy~ Kyle Piper 12/2011

Ryan Nicole and Aunt Heather Piper at Christmas
Ryan, Nicole and me on Christmas morning

Ever since I bought my house, my dad started the tradition of buying me my own Christmas tree.  You see, my family has never had a fake tree.  My dad has worked in the logging industry as a woodsman most of his life.  I mean he started working when he was nine years old making posts.  When he wasn’t working in the woods, he worked on right-of-ways for utility companies.  His life has consisted of working around and in nature, not to mention his spare time is spent in the woods hunting.  I think it’s safe to say dad would never have an artificial tree, and we never have!

I do enjoy going out and picking our Christmas trees.  Some years we chopped it down ourselves and some years we picked pre-cut trees.  I remember, at least one year, we bought a tree with the roots to be planted at a later date, which never happened.  Either way it’s still a tradition.  Now, instead of purchasing one Christmas tree, we purchase two.  Mom and dad’s tree is always a seven or eight foot tree and mine is much smaller.  I like to have it manageable, usually a five foot pine tree.   We really don’t have much of a preference to the type of pine tree and I’m not exactly the softwood expert, but I do like the long needle pines.

This year was no exception.  We piled in the truck a couple weeks before Christmas and made our purchase.  Kyle helped me get my tree to my house and put it up.  He always helps to decorate my house, especially the tree.  I always have to put the lights on the tree, for mine and my parents alike.  Then the rest of the decorating is up for grabs.  Although, I must say, I do get a bit picky about the appearance of my tree.  My parents don’t really have a preference except that dad likes those pesky icicles that cling to everything.  I have some gold and silver garland among the rest of the tree decor.  I’m not sure where it even came from, either it was given to me over the years or it was on sale and I bought with a specific purpose.  Either way, I’m not a big gold fan so I’ve never used it.  This year, however, Kyle wanted to add it to the tree.  I said, “No buddy I really don’t want the gold on my tree.”  He responded by saying, “Well why do you have it?”  I said, “I’m not sure, it must have been given to me.” Kyle, mortified, said, “Well if it was a gift, you better use it!”  I definitely did a laugh out loud and won that argument.  I was not going to put the gold garland on my tree.

1984 Ryan at Christmas - Aunt Heather Piper
Ryan at home 1984

As we proceeded to the decorate the tree I heard, “Remember, Aunt Heather, make the tree happy and then it will make you happy.”  You know, he was right!  We had so much fun decorating the tree that every time I looked at the holiday symbol, it did make me happy.  Between the smell of the pine, the Christmas lights, and the thought of us assembling the tree really did bring joy to my heart.  Sometimes it’s the small moments that stick with us forever.

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