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43 Years of Mr. & Mrs. Piper

The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds – they mature slowly.  ~Peter De Vries

It seems like mom and dad, who created our Piper Family, have beaten the odds of today’s statistics being married 43 years.  I bet when they exchanged their vows on December 12, 1969, they never guessed the journey that was ahead.  The years have taken many twists and turns but I bet it was all worth it.  Six years to the day, from mom and dad’s wedding, I was born, the infamous middle child of the Piper Family.

Happy Anniversary 43rd Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

mom-and-dad-Germany-Aunt Heather-Piper
Mom & Dad in Aschaffenburg, Germany where dad was stationed in the army during the Vietnam war. After they were married they lived there for 2 years. c.1970


Then six years passed and I came along to join the Piper Family…

Me & Santa, Christmas Eve 1975. I was 12 days old.

As I was reviewing my Facebook entries today, I laughed at mom’s birthday wish to me.  You got that all right! Let’s not forget today is 12/12/12!  All my favorite numbers.

Birthday wish Aunt Heather Piper 12-12-12

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