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Cooking With Kyle – Gigi’s Haluski

For me, cooking is very connected to my family and friends.  ~Trisha Yearwood

Since it’s Friday, I thought about pulling out something Kyle and I recorded last November.  I forgot we even made this video, but it’s very appropriate for the summer.  The 4th of July is around the corner and there are all sorts of functions taking place.  This recipe might spark an idea for your next covered dish choice.

My mom’s signature dish to bring to family functions, picnic’s, graduation parties and yes even the Piper Family Reunion, is her Haluski.  Actually, most people expect to see the Haluski.  Two summers ago, my mom broke her shoulder and couldn’t make it up to see my cousin Jeremy, who was home from Montana.  I decided to make the Haluski and take it to the picnic.  Once we got there, I was talking to my Uncle Sonny, who mention that he was looking forward to mom’s Haluski.  I spoke up saying that I made it this time.  I’m not sure if he actually tried it or not, but it was made under mom’s supervision.  Not to mention, I’ve made it before and how hard can it be to cook cabbage, noodles and butter?

So why Haluski?  Mom is half English and half Polish and from my understanding her grandmother would make the typical Polish dishes, including Haluski.  This is mom’s comfort food, something she has been around all her life.  I must say, it’s extremely quick and easy to make, very low cost to purchase the ingredients, and definitely a crowd pleaser.  There are so many variations, experiment with your favorite Haluski recipe!

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