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Drunk Driving – Taking Responsibility

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Aunt Heather Piper NissanYou know, it never ceases to amaze me when someone is guilty, and I mean completely in the wrong, guilty, and they won’t take responsibility for their actions.  Come on, there are witnesses and proof without a doubt, yet admitting their guilt is not even a consideration.  What makes this even worse, due to their failure to publicly acknowledge their wrong doing, let alone to themselves, ultimately results in a lack of action taken on their part to rectify the situation.  Now I’m not standing on my soap box saying I’m a perfect person, not by a long shot.  I have clearly messed up throughout my life, more than I can count. However, I have always taken responsibility for my actions.  Now it may have been a delayed reaction, probably due to immaturity or a lack of instant guidance, but I’ve always tried to do what’s right.  Whether it’s rectifying the situation financially, or through a helping hand, and sometimes just acknowledging the wrong doing.  But, then again, that’s how I was raised.  I always forget others weren’t raised same.

What brought this little rant on was my recent game of Playing Chicken with a Drunk Driver.  After staring down the face of death, the only important thing to me is having Kyle safe and sound, anything else can be replaced and dealt with when the time arises.  But when none of this situation was not my fault, not in the slightest, and I managed to save you from going to jail for vehicular homicide, throw me a bone.  Admit to what you did and take the steps to amend the problem so everyone can put it behind them, get on with their lives and are not inconvenienced any longer.

Aunt Heather Piper Nissan Rogue Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the path I was placed on.  After averting the drunk driver to the best of my ability and taking my time to go through the appropriate legal steps of calling both insurances and giving my statement, I come to find out this was not the case for my drunken nemesis.  Finding out from the insurance company of the vehicle, the one used to run me up an embankment and nearly killing me and Kyle, that the customer was verbally abusive, in essence, for no reason other to be a complete idiot, is mind blowing!  Yep, the Progressive customer from that Ford F150 yelled at Progressive Insurance saying they were not responsible for my car.  Then they would not put the driver, their friend, on the phone to make a statement.  Come on, driver!  You were found by police and fire rescue sleeping in your truck after you wrecked it into a guardrail down the road where you almost took out me and two other cars.  They arrested you for a DUI!

Making this long rant a little bit longer, the Progressive representative that took my statement was very nice.  I asked him what was going to happen if the driver never gives a statement.  He said they will need to wait two weeks for the complete police report then proceed with getting everything underway.  So I found out that I had to have my insurance pay for everything up front and I get to pay the deductible.  It gets better, I was told from my insurance that Progressive is admitting that that their party was in the fault and they are taking complete responsibility.  I guess this never happens.  So why am I still responsible for my deductible?

What makes this situation even worse, Kyle is clearly still upset by the accident.  Rightfully so.  Last week when I went to pick Kyle up in the rental this was our conversation…

Kyle:  Does this car turn good?

Aunt Heather:  Yes, why do you ask?

Kyle:  You know why!

My poor Kyle is thinking we might need to use our evasive driving again.

Aunt Heather Piper Nissan Rogue As I’m getting this off of my chest, I realize, I still am very blessed.  Me and Kyle were chosen to live and for that I am completely grateful.  You know, now that I think about it: Kyle and I took an hour long hike on Saturday through the woods.  I mean up and down hills, through jagger bushes, over logs, across streams, into the woods (On a side note I love that musical)  and it is now that I realize, if I was closer to the telephone pole or too close to my head on collision, the outcome of Saturday would have been very different.  I am aware that no ambulance was needed, no hospital stay, and no headstone was assigned to me yet.  I was able to go on my merry way with my nephew as if the drunken driver encounter never happened.  Sometimes, just observing helps to put things into perspective, watching Kyle walk through the woods, sitting and building his Lego Star Wars Death Star, and serve at mass that night.  It’s these little things that hold the most weight with what’s truly important to a person.

I guess my guardian angel was working overtime, or Ryan was working for God to keep us safe.  Of course, Ryan wouldn’t want anything to happen to his son, and neither would I.  We all have Choices & Consequences it just depends on how we handle them that shows the type of person we are, how we were raised, and where we’re headed in life.  I truly hope things work out for that driver and I hope he has learned his lesson.  I am not mad or bitter with him, maybe just upset the situation is not resolved.  Who knows, maybe he’s so embarrassed or so upset with himself that he is fighting an internal battle before addressing anything else.  I do wish him well and I still think about my Good Samaritans and how lucky I am.  God Speed!

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