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How Do You Handle Change?

It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.  ~Rita Piper

Kyle's Piano recital 5/17/09 - Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle with his first music teacher of 5 years, Ms. Debbie 5/17/09

Consistency is a good thing, especially with children.  As long as the standards are set in a good and moral direction, as opposed to consistently dysfunctional.  However, it’s always good to throw a little change in there.  Constant change without solving anything or for no reason can be absolutely, 100%, pull your hair out, madding.  But change, with the idea of trying something new and spicing things up a bit can be good and even exciting!

As my mom has always said, ‘It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.’  She’s right!  God made us all different so we would rely on one another and work together.  If everyone knew what everyone else knew, and thought as everyone thinks, then the world would be a pretty boring place.

So on that note, let’s discuss my perception of different personality types based on change.  I know people are more complicated then my general brushstroke observations, but I believe I’m on to something.  The first type.  Those who hate change, no matter what.  They want to walk the same line, heading in the same direction, while maintaining the same status.  I’ve seen some people, they are extremes with this behavior.  They are those who can’t function when change happens and it throws them for a loop.   Sometimes change can cause them physical elements.

Then there are those who have to change for the sake of changing.  They never can have a clear thought or move toward a steady direction.  They are the ones, who change and then change again, even before measurable proof of something working or not working.  Usually it seems that those people are the ones who change so frequently, they come around to full circle.  That cracks me up, especially when they don’t even realize they are at square one.  My opinion those are the ones who, deep down inside, are not happy and are always searching for something.

Let’s not forget those, which I believe are the general population, who are pretty consistent but enjoy changing up their hair style, buying a new wardrobe, or even going away for a change of scenery.  Change in moderation.

Kyle won at the Gutchess Hardwords Idlewild Picnic  Aunt Heather Piper
Keeping with tradition Kyle won again at the Gutchess picnic at Idlewild

To self assess myself, I am a pretty consistent person, maintaining the grid of structure.  Actually, I am a bit of a habitual and routine type person.  Not to the point where I get bent out of shape or can’t function if things change or are modified.  I am a structured person, just enough to go into automatic.  However, I do love change, but not always for the fact of changing.  It’s true, sometimes things just get boring and need to be kicked up a notch.  It’s fun to go on an adventure and see things differently.  That’s probably why I like to travel so much.  It’s a change for the moment before getting back to the routine.

Then if we are talking about a process or specifically laid out direction that is not working at the current set path.  Now that change needs to be reviewed and could just make sense, creating the perfect reason to change.  So change does need to happen and it is a part of life.

Again I’m making very broad strokes here, not taking into account the change in which there is no control.  Change, that just strikes you like lightening and then you just pick up the pieces and adjust as best you can.  I’ve seen and have been a part of change like that.  One minute your life was going in one direction and the next minute, literally, you are set permanently on a different course for the rest of your life.  Sometimes it’s for the better like those winning the lottery, and sometimes it’s not.  I’ve experienced both, not winning the lottery, but I’ve been apart of major change.  Kyle was our change that was certainly for the better. I was such a different person before he arrived on the scene.  Now that was good change!

Kyle on the other hand tends to be more like my sister, pretty habitual and can’t really handle change.  Not the small stuff, but big change is very stressful to them.  Kyle was always like that, it certainly is part of his DNA.  Even when he was a toddler, if we did something different than the way it was done before and he deemed it as a change, he would stop us and call out how it’s “suppose” to be done.  When Kyle would play with his cars or his Thomas the Tank Engine, he would place certain pieces in specific places. Example, he had a blue truck that always sat on the side lines.  Yes I will admit that I would, quite intentionally move the truck or start driving it around.  He couldn’t deal with this obvious break in the pattern.  When we played the game Trouble, he always had to be red.  Sometimes, just to keep him on his toes and shake things up a bit, I would call the red before he did.  That always set him in a tailspin of furry and frustration.  Ok so maybe this blog post should be about how I am antagonist.  Maybe some other time.

I’ve said it to my mom a thousand times, it’s a good think my sister and Kyle have me.  I keep them from falling into a deep set pattern and bring the reality of life to their world.  Not too much, because I don’t like constant change too but enough to cope with the changing world around us all.  How to you handle change?


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