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It’s Not About Luck

Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.   ~Saint Patrick

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Over the years, I’ve participated in Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations through the consumption of my fair share of green beer.  However, should today really be a day for commemoration?  It seems, sometimes the facts are not completely uncovered, misunderstood, or are lacking all together.  Not that I’m a theological expert to discuss saints, but Saint Patrick’s Day is a neat inspiring story.  Saint Patrick was a priest from England who wanted to spread Christianity throughout Ireland.  At least that’s my condensed version.  In fact, he said that God spoke to him and told him what to do.  I’m sure there are many different stories presented in history books, but all in all, Saint Patrick wanted to make a difference with God’s best intention in mind.  With that being said, it sounds like a good enough reason to celebrate today.  What better reason for parades, green beer, and let’s not forget the McDonald’s shamrock shake, a favorite of mine, than the spreading of the word of God!  It may not be a day of luck, but it shows an example of opening your heart,  listening, and following your true purpose in life.

I’m glad Saint Patrick chose the path he did.  Traveling through my blog entries (European Travels Part 1 , 20th Annual Great Guinness Toast – Brilliant!Traveling Habits) I have commented a time or two on my time spent in Ireland with my sister.  It’s an amazing destination, which I do encourage everyone to entertain the idea sometime in their lives.  Try to open your heart to your true destiny, who knows it might take you to Ireland.Happy Saint Patricks Day - Aunt Heather Piper

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