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Laughing About Nothing … True Story

Personally, I would not give a fig for any man’s religion whose horse, cat and dog do not feel its benefits.  Life in any form is our perpetual responsibility.  ~S. Parkes Cadman

Mom with her dog Fritz c. 1959

While Kyle was taking his Hunter’s Safety Course – Passed! last weekend, they gave the kids a short recess on Friday to stretch out their legs.  Kyle hung out with me during the break and we got to talking, actually screwing around.  After all, that was the first I saw Kyle since Monday night and I missed him terribly.  Well, it doesn’t seem weird talking about deer and animals in such as class, but this one may throw you for a loop.  Somehow we started talking about mom’s pet deer.  Yes!  Mom had a pet deer when she was little that lived on my Uncle Walter’s farm down over the hill. How she came about this pet, I have no idea.  Please note, my mom has lived in the same house since she was five.  My grandpap Chester and his brothers built the house on a section of the farm given to him by my great grandma.  Anyway, I’ve heard the stories about this deer.  Another side note, please keep in mind all my uncles and aunts who lived on the farm were big hunters.  Hunting is a lifestyle from both sides of the family.  Anyway, from what mom told me, during hunting season they would decorate the deer so no one would kill their unconventional pet.  Apparently, they placed a big red bow around its neck.  That was it, but this story became so much more.

Dad with one of his many deer

First Kyle didn’t know about the deer.  He was truly amazed.  He new about Rascals Raccoon or Cat? but we must not have talked about this deer.  Of course it wasn’t my pet, but I still enjoy the story.  For some reason this deer with its holiday decoration became the highlight of our conversation.  Kyle asked “How did they decorate it?” I told him, “They put ribbons and bows on its antlers.”  As that came out of my mouth, Kyle busted out laughing.  Then naturally following suit, I joined him.  I said, “Can you imagine this poor buck with ribbons and bows and glitter hanging off its horns?  Gigi probably decorated the deer with pink streamers that blew in the wind.”  We were dying!  Especially when I followed up with “Can you image being the hunter seeing that deer in your scope?  I think I would have to rub my eyes and take a second look.  Imagine if that was your first buck, Kyle?  What do you think pappy would say?”  We both lost it!

Mom with her brother, Uncle Denny at the Rolling Rock club, Ligonier c. 1957

I told Kyle that Gigi decorated the deer in hopes no one would shoot it during hunting season, which was true.  Kyle asked, “What happened to it?”  I bluntly responded, “I think someone shot it!”  Kyle gave me a gut-stretching laugh and I totally lost it.  Then I blurted out another fun fact between laughs, “Ya Gigi said she even put a wreath around its neck.”  This was too much for us.  I’m sure we were bringing attention to our corner of the room, but we didn’t care.

Ok, now we were out of control throwing out scenarios and embellishments to the story.  Kyle questioned the size of the wreath saying, “How did they get the wreath around its horns?  It would need to be this big.” as he held out his hands as far as they would stretch.  Only Kyle would think of the logistics to such an out of control story, but he did.  I said, “No wonder the deer was shot, it was probably weighed down with so many decorations it couldn’t pick up speed anymore.  It was probably dragging all decorations behind it.”  Kyle added, “Ya what if it was wearing a sign, property of…” as I interjected, “Rita Piper, actually Rita Olczak at the time.”  All I could picture was this perfect buck, wearing pink shimmery streamers, glitter and bows on its antlers, wearing a huge wreath with a large wooden name tag saying ‘Property of Rita Olczak.’  Our laughter took over our bodies as we stood there shaking and turning red from such an exaggerated story.

Really, can you imagine walking through the woods and seeing this deer dressed in couture?  That would have been so funny!  Especially to see it run through the woods with streamers hanging from its antlers, like a magical unicorn,  what a sight to see.  At this point, I’m liking my story better than the actual one mom tells.

Then we started to go dark, well I did, Kyle just joined in.  I said, “What do you think the deer thought when someone kill a deer and drug it back to the house to be skinned?”  Kyle looked at me with curiosity like, ‘Where is she going with this?’.  I said, “It could have been its uncle or neighbor.”  Kyle said, “Ya he’d say, ‘Aren’t you my uncle?’”  We were seriously so engrossed in our conversation; I truly have no idea who heard us.  I hope no one, because after you hear what I said next they would have seriously wondered about the two of us.  Going with the dead friend or dead family member angel I said, “What if Gigi fed the deer, deer meat?  Would he like it?”  That comment just shot us over the edge.  We could hardly talk at this point, but we didn’t want to stop.  I said, “It would be like feeding a pig, pork rinds.”  Kyle didn’t know what those were, nor did he get the reference to Designing Women when the character Julia Sugarbaker had a pet pig and that’s what she fed it; but Kyle got the idea.

Mom with her dogs, Duke & Fritz c.1958

I love it that Kyle and I can take any situation, any comment, at any time and turn it into a fun imaginary story to humor us.  Kyle is my buddy!  Even though he’s pretty logical and has very structured thinking, he also has an imagination and is a creative thinker.  I love it!

Good job passing your class!

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When I was gathering pictures for this blog, Kyle looked at me and mom and said, “The pictures are in black and white?”  He laughed, I forget kids have a totally different lifestyle.  I mean, we didn’t have black and white photos either but I certainly knew what they were.

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