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Piper Family Tree…Humor is in Our Roots

Some family trees have beautiful leaves, and some have just a bunch of nuts.  Remember, it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking.  ~Unknown

Kyle's sumo look he was about 6 months old. 1/2002

Sometimes my thoughts can be kind of morbid. I’m not saying I’m a dark person because I’m really not. But every now and then my thoughts and humor turn toward the dark.  I think I’ve mentioned Laughing About Nothing is a favorite pastime for me and Kyle.  Sometimes on the spot we’ll make up a fictitious stories and basically just crack ourselves up.  Well this story is a spill over from Responsibility – More Than Dirty Laundry.

Mom was sitting on the couch folding the laundry and going through Kyle’s cloths to see what we can give away to Saint Vincent de Paul.  Mom looked like she was being consumed by all the arms and legs of the clothing.  As she kept chugging away, I commented that we were going to loose Gigi in the mess.  Just then Kyle took his attention away from counting his Pig money, gathering cold hard cash for the ipod Touch … Within Reach and ipod Touch…Mission Accomplished.  He said, “Wow Gigi!  You have a lot done.” and I started to laugh.  It was funny to see how mom morphed into the piles of cloths and was almost camouflaged on the couch.  She said, “Yep, and Kyle I want you to go through all these cloths and try them on.  What fits put in your draw and what doesn’t is going to Saint Vincent de Paul.  I’m tired of seeing the same cloths in the wash when you don’t even were them.”

Just then my mind went into overdrive.  I said, “You know, if you would happen to die in this mess, I would have to clean up first before calling anyone.”  Kyle started to giggle and said, “They wouldn’t even be able to find Gigi.  They’d have to dig.” Mom interjected and said, “Ya and about four hours later you would be calling the paramedics.”  Now I started to laugh, that sounds like me, I wouldn’t just put away the laundry, I’d start to clean the entire house.  Then I had another funny thought.  I said, “If we had carpet in here I’d roll you to floor and vacuum around you.  Then when the paramedics came, they’d see the vacuum lines stopping at your body.”  Ok at this point I really turned this conversation dark.  I continued, “And you know the way I vacuum, I hit everything with the vacuum.  Gigi you’d be laying there and I’d be hitting the vacuum off of you.”  as I made the motion with my hand as if I was holding the vacuum and moving back and forth on the imaginary carpet.

Mom just laughed and I think she rolled her eyes at me.  You see everyone has their issues.  Mom’s is her rebelliousness from organization and the ability to not care how tidy or lack there of, the house is. My issues are the antithesis from mom’s.  I cannot handle disorder and a mess, to me it’s utter chaos and I can’t think, let along function.  Kyle tends to be more like me, having things in their place, but just items he cares about.  Everything else can pile up.  Although I think Kyle just enjoys watching mom and me banter back and forth.

Family!  The only people who will accept you for who you are, make fun of you, then ignore it like it never happened.

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