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Reading Brings Generations Together… Or Not?

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Effie Trinket, p. 19

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.  ~Unknown

There is nothing like getting excited about a good book and looking forward to retiring for the evening and curling up on the couch or in bed with the story that has consumed your thoughts.  What makes it better is when you can share that excitement with others of equal interest.  My sister and I tend to steer toward the same genres and book themes, for the most part.  Nicole doesn’t like my political or art history books, and she used to like her suspense, horror, which I never really cared about.  But we both love fiction.  Regardless, when we get into books, we REALLY get into them!  Nicole lent me a helping hand to join the Twilight bandwagon.  Sad to admit it, but I read each book three times.  Then to give my contribution, I brought Nicole into the Mortal Instrument world and the most recent craze, The Hunger Games.

Now bringing me to my point.  I’ve always said, reading closes the gap between generations and opens up communication.  Very true!  But what if confusion is caused because of a lack of information or interest?  Well then, it can be hilarious and make for a great story, or at the very least a ‘Comment’ on Facebook!  Well before today, the release of The Hunger Games movie, I will admit I did partake in the hype and countdown as with many other fans.  Nicole and I talked about it endlessly and Nicole even purchased her gear for the premiere last night.  Yes we both read the books twice already and I’m sure Ill read them again before the next movie, Catching Fire comes out in 2013.

The Hunger Games Facebook- Aunt Heather Piper

Ok I’m making this very funny short story, long.  I wish I would have recorded the date, but alas I didn’t think of it.  I could go back in Nicole’s Facebook timeline, but that would require a lot of unnecessary work, since it won’t effect the the story.

As I was reviewing my Facebook wall, naturally my sister’s posts are at the top of my feeds.   I almost died when I read this…. LOL.  Mom cracks me up!  She couldn’t understand what my sister was volunteering for?  What really brought tears to my eyes and made me fall out of my seat, is the lack of inquiring of what exactly is District 12?  In fact, at the time this unfolded, I was at work.  Without hesitation, I quickly called out the post to Kelly to read.  We were both completely laughing out of control.  Just then I was a bit quicker on the response to my mom, which I guess Kelly wanted to post that quote.  Thinking about it, she may have added another quote, but I must have been to quick with the screen shot to capture it.

When I finally got to talk to mom about this, she mentioned my sister had already called her to explain.  Yep, leave it to Nicole to make sure there is understanding and peace in the world, while I would rather just sit back and laugh.  Mom said she thought Nicole was volunteering for something but she couldn’t quite understand what?  I asked her, “What did you think District 12 was?” and she responded, “I thought it was a section of Washington, D.C.”  I said, “Mom what do you think Nicole and I have been talking about for months?”  Mom replied, “O I don’t get into all those vampires.”  Umm, strike out again mom!  I said, “The Hunger Games isn’t about vampires, it’s about kids killing kids.”  She gave me a confused look.  No wonder, putting it that way, she probably wonders what demented tastes we have in books.

Well, mom’s all straightened out, not that she was really concerned.  So please take a minute and enjoy the communication gap between generations and between interests in book genres.  I truly found humor in the entire conversation and post conversations.

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