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Can You Hear Me?

If you treat a sick child like an adult and a sick adult like a child, everything usually works out pretty well.  ~Ruth Carlisle

Kyle with slushy & water in hand, ready for Avengers! 5/6/12

It’s no secret that Kyle’s been one sick child, mostly having issues with his hearing and his ears.  From the time he was about six months old or a year till he was about five years old, he was constantly in and out of the emergency room and hospitals with ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, scarlet fever, croup, and strep throat.  He was poked with more IVs, surgical equipment, and needles than any kid should be.  Now I understand that some kids have it much worse and we have been blessed, but it’s still hard to watch.

This past Saturday Kyle had to be put under again, this time for glue ear.  According to the Medical News Today website: Glue ear, also known as secretory otitis media, otitis media with effusion, or serous otitis media, causes a glue-like fluid to accumulate in the middle ear, which should be filled with air. Glue ear is a common cause of dulled hearing in young children. In the majority of cases symptoms resolve themselves in time without treatment being required. When symptoms persist the child will probably need some kind of therapy.

Now we’ve gone through a nice little break without any major incidences.  But don’t breath a sigh of relief.  Recently, Kyle has been getting a lot more ear infections.  The doctors had him on antibiotics for a couple of months, which did not make me happy.  Obviously, they were not working, and finally Kyle was seen by an Ear, Throat and Nose specialist.  This past Saturday, when the doctors decided to take a closer inspection of the problem, they discovered that his adenoids did in fact grow back, for a second time.  This was blocking his ears from properly draining.  Then, they added a permanent tube in his right ear, removed a polyp from his left ear that grew over his eardrum and drained it.  The left ear was so bad with drainage, they couldn’t put the permanent tube in.  Because of this, Kyle will need to go back in a few weeks for a check up and schedule another procedure to place the permanent tube, once it’s had a chance to drain and heal up.  All this to hopefully give him freedom from sickness, or at the very least decrease the issues and give him his full hearing back.

Did I mention he is back on antibiotics?  Poor kid, his stomach has been so upset from the variety of medications.  However, I am on it, I have been pushing yogurts on Kyle since he started this unfortunate escapade recently.  What really struck me as odd and kind of upset me, was that no doctor or medical professional dealing with Kyle mentioned this yogurt tidbit of information.  A really good friend of mine, who happens to be a nurse reiterated the yogurt eating necessity with ingesting such large amounts of antibiotics.  I’ve always said I love my nurses, their concern always stretch beyond their shifts for the good of people.

Now this brings me back to what Kyle thinks of all this.  I don’t care who you are, or what procedure you’re going in the hospital for, it’s nerve racking and scary.  Kyle was certainly no exception.  Early on in the week, he kept bringing up the surgery, but he said “I won’t need any needles, they are giving me a mask to make me sleep. No needles and if they do, I will be sleeping so I don’t care.”  That’s my man!  In fact, this must have bothered him so much, the idea of getting a shot that he mentioned it quite often over the week leading up to the surgery, and as they where walking him down the hall to get suited up.

The-Avengers-Movie Aunt Heather PiperOn the day of surgery, Nicole and I were there waiting for him.  I could tell he was stressed, but he was in good spirits.  After all he had an ipod Touch…Mission Accomplished!  When the nurse came out to put his wristband on him, he practically shot out of his seat, thinking she had a needle.  From my understanding, all Kyle was worried about was needles poking him.  Of course, I don’t blame him, he has been stuck with so many IV’s and needles over the course of his young existence, I’d be a bit skittish too.

As I sat in the waiting room and saw the time fly by, I knew this is was not a good sign.  Once the doctor came out to give a summary of the surgery, I felt so bad for my little man.  They had to give him an IV since they were scraping his adenoids.  All I could think of was the anticipation of his pain he would be feeling when he awoke, remembering when he had them removed and scrapped previously.

Approaching his bedside during recover time was a familiar sight, laying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of his arm.  He was half out of it and wanted to rest, and was not happy in the slightest bit about the tubes and the IV.  Again, I would have taken advantage of a little R & R myself, since his body has been through so much.  On a side note, would you believe that once I got through the double doors into the recovery area, I got lost.  I was turned around going in to see Kyle, forget about making my way back out.  To me that’s shear anxiety!  I think you should have the option for a guide to walk you around hospitals, especially since I am Directionally Challenged.

Preparing for Kyle to come home was easy.  I stopped at the store and stocked up on ice-cream, Popsicles, Scooter Crunch Bars, soft food for breakfast, and fruit for smoothies.  My good friend Holsters, yep the nurse, even gave me her extra blender since ours has seen better days.  Even though I’ve witnessed Kyle after such experiences, it still doesn’t lessen the heartbreak I feel for his suffering.  He didn’t smile at all, not even an attempt.  At one point I was watching him sit in the chair and I swear it took him two minutes before he blinked.

The doctor said they encourage him to start eating, especially solid foods to work his jaw muscles and get things moving along.  As with everyone who has gone through a surgery, you get to pick what you want to eat, standard rule!  Kyle requested Jioio’s pizza with mushrooms and black olives, one of my favorite pizza’s ever!  You got it buddy!  I was just happy he wanted some solid food and he seemed to have a little bit of an appetite.

Kyle loves Iron Man and the Hulk, Avengers! 5/6/12

By the time I picked up the pizza and brought it back to the house, he was starting to doze off but woke up when he saw me looking like a delivery person.  He asked for a slice, but didn’t eat it.  Then he asked me to make him a fruit smoothie, but didn’t really want to drink it.  I felt so bad, Kyle was in pain and sore and miserable.  At this point, my heart was bleeding and I wanted to help in some way.  We were given a liquid pain medication, which normally I don’t believe in taking, but this time I think it was a necessity.  However, Kyle felt differently, he didn’t want to take it.  Convincing him to take his medicine certainly brought back memories of us encouraging a much younger Kyle to take the prescriptions.  We sat there holding the syringe type of contraption full of a pain killing solution, trying not to spill any, and cheering Kyle to ‘Hurry up, real quick’ and ‘Just shoot part of it in your mouth and take a drink of a smoothie’, the only words of encouragement we could muster.  At first we convinced Kyle to take some of the medicine and then take a bite of the pizza.  Win! Win! He would be getting food in his system, chewing and taking down the pain meds.  Well, that worked for two little sips.  Ok, onto plan B.  Next I took a small juice glass and mixed a concoction of fruit smoothie and the rest of the pain medication for Kyle to kick back quickly.  I don’t blame Kyle, I tried a drop of the syrupy solution, expecting to say it’s not that bad, but alas it was totally GROSS!  Yuck!  I would have had a hard time taking that stuff down, and I’m not a sick ten year old.

As the night approached and we finished watching Iron Man for the millionth time, Kyle started to feel the effects of the codeine and was ready for bed.  He slept all night and woke up almost back to normal, by 6:00 am.  That’s about the time we usually get up on the weekends, so I thought that was a good sign.  He was hungry, not quite one hundred percent, but he was on the road to recovery.  I made him a breakfast and we loafed around until we had to get ready for church.  Now I didn’t have him go to CCD, but I did forewarn him that if he didn’t go to church, then I was not taking him to the movies to see the Avengers, a movie I was also dieing to see.

This round of procedures wasn’t as bad as when Kyle was a young tyke, at least from my memory and from my observation, I’m not the one going through the hell.  He’s a strong kid and he seemed to bounce back pretty good, especially leading up to the movie.  Afterward our two hours of eye entertainment, Kyle was totally charged!  It was a great movie and he sat by his Aunt Nikki, who was home too.  Even on the way home, he wanted to make fruit smoothies. Yep, he’s making his recovery.

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