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Discovering Greensburg In the Rain

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.  ~John Ruskin
Elliott, MaRissa & Chris participating in the Thrill of the Hunt, Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt for the Seton Hill University Homecoming weekend. Great job! 9/21/13

This past Saturday Thrill of the Hunt was commissioned by Seton Hill University to develop and administer a custom scavenger hunt for their homecoming weekend.  It was called Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt.  This was exiting for me for many reasons.  The most obvious reason, it was a paid job.  Being a start-up company every business and every opportunity is a blessing and is needed for survival, let alone taking Thrill of the Hunt to the next level.

Also, building this scavenger hunt gave me additional experience.  The more scavenger hunts I can outline and manage, the better I become at developing them and getting a feel for what works and what doesn’t.  I already have ideas on how to push my limits to offer even more interactive and exciting hunts.  Want to know one?  I would like to build a ‘Singing in the Rain’ type of scavenger hunt.  But I guess that ones for down the road.

Not only did building the Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt build my portfolio of events, but administering the game gave Thrill of the Hunt great exposure.  Again, every point of contact, every lead, every bit of feedback a start-up company can receive, will only help in the growth.  Seton Hill was gracious enough to allow me to share the Seton Hill Alumni booth to pass out brochures and business cards, speaking to curious onlookers and of course checking-in and giving direction to registered participants.

Discovering-Greensburg-Scavenger-Hunt-Thrill-of-the-Hunt-Greensburg-Pa-9-21-13-v1 Aunt Heather Piper
Thrill of the Hunt shared the Seton Hill University Alumni tent for the Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt in Greensburg, Pa. 9/21/13

When it comes down to it, I guess the true focus of my excitement was working with Seton Hill University!  My two time Alma Mater.  Yes, I graduated with two different degrees at two different times.  Proudly, I use both degrees, Bachelor’s in Arts (Marketing) and Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (Graphic Design) daily.  To this day, I can honestly say I received a great education and I value my contacts at the school.  Seton Hill is very encouraging, to not only their alumni, but also to local entrepreneurs.  So having the opportunity to work with the school was on my ‘want’  list of businesses, and I got them!  A goal accomplished!

With every scavenger hunt I build, the more I enjoy what I’m doing and the more unique Thrill of the Hunt becomes.  This particular scavenger hunt allowed me to camp out at the Westmoreland County Historical Society for a couple of days, digging through books, old newspaper articles and such.  I find that research is a lot of fun and intriguing.  A great way to spend my time!  Keeping with the theme, I wanted to make sure my facts were correct and I wanted to bring possibly unknown information to the participants, educating them a bit while having fun.  My scavenger hunts typically bring something new to light or introduce some small corner of the area.  This one was no exception.

Discovering-Greensburg-Scavenger-Hunt-Thrill-of-the-Hunt-Greensburg-Pa-9-21-13-v9 Aunt Heather Piper
MaRissa & Chris submitting their online challenges for the Thrill of the Hunt Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt at the Seton Hill University Homecoming weekend 9/21/13

Seton Hill’s Homecoming and family weekend had a lot going on, in addition to the Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt.  It was also graced with rain.  At first the rain was light and doable, but then it became stronger and heavier.  Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t shy away from falling water, but when it’s a cold windy rain, not really my cup of tea.

Believe it or not, I had last minute participants sign up to partake in the Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt.  Great!  A few brave souls.  That is until the rain intensified and the wind joined in.  I was safe with my fellow Seton Hill Alumni until that point.  Then, it became a scramble to cover all brochures and such.  We were also very luck to have the SHU wrestling team beside us, especially to hold down our now airborne tent.  Really?  Yes!  It was almost comical.

Eventually, they took down the tent.  Where do I go?  And guess what?  I still had participants braving the rain and going through the scavenger hunt.  Wow!  Most people quit when the sky opened up, but I will give a special kudos to MaRissa Boros, Chris Herrera and Elliott Moore who maintained their online communication with me and finished the scavenger hunt, soaked through and through.  Yet happy!  Once I got to shelter, I continued following and reaching out to my brave souls, until they finished all the physical and online challenges.  Great job guys!

Discovering-Greensburg-Scavenger-Hunt-Thrill-of-the-Hunt-Greensburg-Pa-9-21-13-v2 Aunt Heather Piper
Seton Hill University Alumni & Thrill of the Hunt tent at Homecoming weekend. Discovering Greensburg Scavenger Hunt, Greensburg Pa. 9/21/13

Usually I have my sidekick with me.  But alas not this time.  Kyle had other plans and to be honest, it worked out pretty good.  It was not a lot of work to manage the registrants and most of my efforts had to be focused toward the online activity, which Kyle can’t do, at least not yet.  I wouldn’t have wanted him to get drenched like I did either.  Perfect timing!  Now next weekend, when we have the Exploring Inspiration Scavenger Hunt for the Race Expo at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, I will need all hands on deck.  No fear of rain interrupting that one.

It’s funny, just a week prior I was just commenting on how blessed I’ve been, having great weather with each and every one of my scavenger hunts.  I knew that would not always be the case, but it was certainly encouraging.  Almost as if God was saying, ‘You’re on the right track and I will take care of you’.  Was it a bummer for the rain?  Sure, not just for me, but for the rest of the activities planned.  Even though, it was a nice time and I can’t wait for next year.  I truly hope Thrill of the Hunt will be invited to join in on the Seton Hill University Homecoming festivities.

I know as I grow I won’t be able to administer to all Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunts, and it won’t be possible to write about each and everyone one of them, but while we’re small, I want to remember my roots and how I got started and those who helped me along the way.  Thank you Seton Hill University!

Discovering-Greensburg-Scavenger-Hunt-Thrill-of-the-Hunt-Greensburg-Pa-9-21-13-v12 Aunt Heather Piper

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