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Government Shut Down? Not Completely

At times, you must act on principle and not ask what cost, what are the chances of success.  ~New Mexico Republican Rep. Steve Pearce

Michael Port,  Jen Laflam, Melanie Spring, Ray Hennessey (moderator) at the Entrepreneur Magazine Thought Leaders Live conference in Arlington, VA 10/10/13

It’s no secret our government missed deadlines to come to a compromise regarding the budget and more importantly the National Healthcare Plan, a.k.a. Obamacare.  So what happens when no decisions are reached and gridlock happens?  I guess Congress calls for a shut down.  Did I really care?  Not really, not until I completely understood what that meant.  After all, the last time this happened to a large extent was in 1994 during the Clinton administration.  I believe we are going on the fourteenth day, but who’s counting.

Do I believe in a shut down, kinda.  I mean if the right decision is being overlooked or cannot be made, why rush into something just to do it?  Like Obamacare.  Come on, it is already proving to not be financially secure or stable.  They can’t even get a website to work correctly, and they expect me to have faith in the extremely large and overly complicated plan?  The majority of the people don’t want it and personally, spending any of my money on medical issues and decisions like abortion is completely against my religion and against everything I believe.  So why should I be forced to support such actions?  My theory?

Obama is on this power trip to get something passed in his name for the sake of his own ego, not for what’s best for the people it’s affecting.  I mean, when he passes a loophole in the law exempting the executive branch and our party leaders from using the very thing he is pushing on all the American people, that’s a red flag to me!

Last Wednesday, I happen to be in the area of all the contrasty, Arlington, Virginia.  Yes I was within a stones throw from the Pentagon building.  On a side note, Kyle commented recently on the design of the Pentagon building saying, “They are stupid, they are wasting so much space with the hole in the middle of the building that they could use!”  That’s my practical buddy.  He is not about design, but about function.

Jen Laflam, Melanie Spring, Ray Hennessey (moderator) at the Entrepreneur Magazine Thought Leaders Live conference in Arlington, VA 10/10/13

I was attending the Entrepreneur Magazine Thought Leaders Live conference.  It was a really great morning of learning from other successful business leaders and networking.  I made some really good contacts and gained a better insight on how to be a better leader and business owner.  On another side note, maybe the entire government should have attended as well.

Much of what was discussed, was already in my practice, but it’s still a good reminder.  Author and speaker Micheal Port was there and gave a very powerful and insightful speech on booking clients.  Not just getting them, but actually booking them.  I love Entrepreneur Magazine and they always bring credible resources and information to the forefront, especially for young start-ups like myself.  But as I sat there, I wondered what these business leaders thought of all this crap in our Nation’s Capital.

Getting down to the Washington D.C. area, especially in the rain, was a little bit of a challenge, nothing that my GPS couldn’t handle.  Although at one point, I missed my exit, not so clearly directed by the GPS and I drove upon a closed road, going toward Arlington Cemetery.  Yep, I was not allowed to cross in.  There were even guards reinforcing this order, no doubt given by the president himself.  So why?  It’s a cemetery, a public place where others have loved ones buried there.  To me that was insane!  I’ve never heard of a public cemetery being closed down, let alone guards stationed there.  Probably paid workers.  (Which I’m happy they have work and are getting paid to do a job!  I do have issues with those that get paid without working.  Big issues!)

So let me get this straight, the government is closed down and most hard working employees are not getting paid, but the government picks and chooses some individuals to get paid, to guard against the public visiting public sights that tax payers invested in over the years?  And let’s not forget, our government officials are still getting paid.  For what?  To argue? To make these horrible decisions?

My mom told me about a story she heard on the news.  I guess this family goes overseas every year to France (don’t quote me on the country) to visit family buried there.  What a great sentiment!  Anyway, who would have thought that a burial sight or monument was shut down too!  They traveled all that way to visit a public place to pay their respects to our fallen soldiers who were ordered to go to war and give their lives defending our freedom, and they couldn’t get in?  This is all becoming very unnerving.  Is there no respect?  I guess, it seems like the American people are not being respected, so I guess how can I expect those making the decisions to give the dead any respect.  Shame!

Michael Port (Author, Actor, Speaker) at the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Thought Leaders Live conference in Arlington, VA 10/10/13

Basically, the executives, a.k.a. the president and his constituents seem like he and they are just proving a point and flaunting their power with these stupid declarations.  I know, everyone will say it’s the Republicans who shut down the government, yet someone is proving their own point with these shut down choices and difficulties.  Maybe for a personal agenda?  To prove a point like a spoiled child?  Maybe if the president really cares about his bill, take a stand for it!  Show us your passion and dedication to it.  Use Obamacare for your entire family, be treated like any other person, maybe show your concern for those not getting paid because of the shut down and give up your very own pay to them!  Or is he not that dedicated to this country?  To the people?

Why can’t veterans, who have served their country and those who lost family and friends who honorably and graciously served our country, visit the dead?  Why are they banned from entering memorials erected to honor this service?  I understand about not having the public roaming around inside buildings for safety sake and to protect the integrity of the area, but outside in public sites?

Another true story.  A gentlemen took it upon himself, without being told, without pay, to mow our lawns around our National Monuments in the Washington D.C. area.  He didn’t want to be embarrassed by such disgrace.  He was showing true pride and patriotism in our country!  That is the American way!  Get off your butts and do something without expecting anything in return.  Stop with the hand outs!  I believe no one is too good or too high on their pedestal to get their hands dirty.  I do it personally!  And I am proud to be a hard worker!

Then I heard of a bunch of runners running in a “closed” area and each of them getting a hundred dollar fine.  Really?  Come on!  This is just nitpicking and again proving a point.  Spend the money for these officials to capture bad guys, not people who are trying to maintain good heath, so they don’t have to use Obamacare.  Or is this a conspiracy for more government control over our health?  Sounds silly, but is it?

Michael Port, Jen Laflam, Melanie Spring, Ray Hennessey (moderator)  at the Entrepreneur Magazine Thought Leaders Live conference in Arlington,  VA 10/10/13

In a way, it sounds like a way to point fingers and blame others.  After all, the truth is, this wouldn’t happen without a good leader, or if it did, it would find a resolution sooner than later.  Plus why are these government officials still getting paid!?

I was lucky, after the conference, I was able to leave the immediate area and head back to my sister’s pad, where I had a puppy named Avery waiting for me to take her for a walk.  I love taking our dogs Seven and Scooby for a walk, just not on a leash.  I also never have to clean up their waste that exists their rear ends.  No it’s true, I take my boys to the woods where they can run free, up to eye shot from me and do their business by other wild animals’ businesses on the forest floor.  So this was a bit gross and new for me, but I semi-managed.  Nicole called me while on our return trip back to ask if Avery was alright.  Seriously?  I’m walking the dog in the rain, and cleaning up her waste.  She should have asked if I was alright!

Ironic I’m reverting back to talking about crap, and the one who is cleaning up the crap.  Me!  The little person on the totem pole.  The similarities are amazing to how the American people are being treated.

I don’t mind road trips, in fact I love them.  This was a small adventure that opened my eyes. In stead of focusing on my own piece of the world, I saw things without the veil.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope eventually the information I heard and the contacts I made at the conference will help Thrill of the Hunt, but I believe there is no hope for my start-up company if we don’t have a rock solid country to work in.

Recently, I read an article commenting on… To Be Continued!

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