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Happy Birthday! Aunt Nikki Gains Another Year

You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake.  It’s like, ‘See if you can blow this out.’  ~Jerry Seinfeld

Happy Birthday Aunt Nikki!

I must say I do look forward to this day every year.  It means another year separating us, Nicole is another year older than myself.  That’s one thing I can always count on, Nicole will ALWAYS be older.

When Kyle was a little tyke he use to say to my sister, “Aunt Nitti, your ozer (over) the hill.”  He would say that while motioning his hand like it was a roller-coaster ride plummeting to the ground.  It was great, well until Kyle would say it to me!  Dad always antagonized that one.

In celebration of all my sister’s years on earth, she is going to St. Martin for a little R & R.  Safe travels!

Please enjoy the many years of Nicole.  Starting from the upper left corner is dad holding Nicole, who was over a year old in 1975.  To the right, is a nice bedhead shot of Nicole when she was four years, 1978.  On a side note, I think mom and Nicole invented bedhead, I’ve never seen anyone sport that look worst than those two.  Kyle would probably join that group but we keep his hair buzzed.  Below that is mom and Nicole when mom was pregnant with me in the summer of 1975.   Nicole was about 16 months old.  To the left of that, is Nicole’s confirmation picture when she was in the eighth grade, 1988.  Last but not least, in the center is Nicole’s first Christmas in her precious rocking chair that many years later, Kyle adopted it as his own.  She was nine months old, 1974.


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