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Together Alone – Movie Night

The only real progress lies in learning to be wrong all alone.  ~Albert Camus

Kyle is in that ‘I play with Legos & I love my Pikachu helmet’ yet he is seeking freedom & his own choices. Lynch Field Greensburg, Pa 2012

On Friday, Kyle decided he wanted to go to the movies.  He said, “It’s a perfect day for the movies, isn’t it Aunt Heather?”  It wasn’t that hot, but it was muggy and humid, raining off and on all day long.  It was one of those days, a perfect time to spend sitting in a dry, dark, air-conditioned movie theater, at least that’s what I was told.  Yes buddy, you’ve got the ticket!

Movie of choice?  Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, since Kyle was a fan of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief, he wanted to see the next series in the novel set.  Kyle made his choice with such conviction and without thought, I immediately knew he was planning on making that suggestion all day.  Well, I was wrong!  According to Aunt Nikki, Kyle was talking about that movie when he saw the trailer during ‘Aunt Nikki and Kyle’s Week of Fun.’  I should have known.

OK, I’ll bite.  I asked Kyle to look up the movie times, as well as what other movies were playing, just so I could make the best choice.  His answer?  “Umm that’s really about it.”  Doubt it, but I’ll play along because I too wanted to see the movie.

After eating dinner with my parents we got ready to embark on a new adventure that includes Greek gods and popcorn.  Once we got there, I changed my mind.  Seeing the list of movies playing, I remembered what I wanted to see with Kyle, Wolverine!  After making my argument, with all the enthusiasm I could muster, I was denied.  Kyle wouldn’t even hear of it, even thought he really wanted to see Wolverine too.  Kyle had it in his head we were going to see Percy Jackson: Sea Monsters and that was that!  Gotta respect someone who can make a solid decision in the face of choices and stick to his guns.

How did I get into this position in the first place? I wasn’t planning on going to the movies, but what the heck, I missed Kyle and spending any time with him is a good time.  So into the movie theater we marched.

X-Men-Origins-Wolverine-Aunt Heather PiperAs we made our way to our seats, we began a reoccurring argument, ‘Where are we going to sit?’  I prefer sitting more up high towards the back and Kyle insists on sitting low and close.  The same crossroads we have come to since I can remember.  Usually I put my foot down and make Kyle’s choice for him and that’s that.  Usually.

This time was no exception, with an exception.  Typical Kyle kept giving me a thousand questions on why we couldn’t move closer.  “Just two rows closer Aunt Heather!”  I wouldn’t budge, even though I could have enjoyed the movie equally as much, but I was being stubborn.  Kyle wouldn’t let it go and kept whining.  So I thought I’d fix his wagon by saying, “Go!  You want to sit down there, then move your seat and sit by yourself.”  To be honest, I was calling his bluff.  Kyle doesn’t like doing anything alone, especially sitting by himself in the dark.

So you can imagine my surprise when he said with confidence and complete politeness, “Ok Aunt Heather, I’ll be right there.”  As he pointed two rows right in front of me.   What?  Really?  Na!  I thought he was calling MY bluff.  Then, he said to entice me with a little dash of attitude, “But I’m taking the popcorn!”  And I countered his comment with “Well, then I’m staying here and I’m keeping the water.”

And there you have it.  Two of the most stubborn people who greatly enjoy each others company, hanging out alone, with each other.  I must admit I watched him, just to make sure he was alright and to see if he would look back.  Never did!  And no one happen to sit beside him.  It actually broke my heart to see him by himself, but he made the decision and now he has live with it, or choose to change it.

Lightning-Thief-percy-jackson-and-the-olympians-Aunt Heather PiperAt first I was kind of mad, to be honest, I was furious because I like watching previews with Kyle and then we plan our next movie run.  Not this time.  Then, as I watched his crew cut head jet out over the top of the seat, sitting there all by himself, with his full bag of popcorn, I felt kind of bad.  But Kyle is getting older and he has every right to make decisions for himself.  Let him experience the unknown, gain his freedom and decision making, particularly when he’s within arms reach of me and supervised.

I too was following Kyle’s lead.  I made a decision and I was sticking to it.  As the old saying goes, if you truly love something set it free, if it comes back to you it is yours.  If not, then it was never meant to be.  Something along those lines.  Not that, that exactly fits this scenario, but it did run through my head.

Keeping one eye on the movie and one eye on Kyle, especially when intense parts of the movie projected in our faces.  Kyle gets so tense and stressed with high action, high anticipation scenes.  I kept my eyes peeled on the little package, just to make sure he didn’t need me.  He never did!  At least, I didn’t see any physical signs of distress.  Seriously, I thought as the movie started, Kyle would just come back, nope!  Total stubbornness.  Then I thought, he would want some water so he would come back, or at the very least get the bottle of water.  Nope!  Total stubbornness.  To be honest, I wished any scenario would have panned out, but the night was not completely written by me.  So I waited with patience.

As the movie moved forward my anger turned into longing and then appreciation.  It’s funny how God works, He showed me to subside my anger at Kyle for seeking a little bit of freedom and wanting to call his own shots.  I really missed Kyle, even though he was only two rows ahead of me, within eye and ear shot.  My heart was saddened.

Percy-Jackson-Sea-of-Monsters-Aunt Heather Piper.jpgDuring the movie, I noticed I caught myself leaning where Kyle was initially sitting to whisper to him and share in the movie, but alas, he was two rows too far away.  My heart melted a little bit more.

Just as the movie ended, Kyle jumped up and ran back to his old seat!  I couldn’t have been happier!  I forgot how mad I was that I brought him to the movies with me, and I ended up watching it alone.  Not that I care to sit by myself in the movies, because I don’t, only if I came by myself and not with someone.  I forgot how mad I was when he was arguing with me and giving me his dissertation on the perspective of the screen because of the added two rows.  I forgot he took the entire bag of popcorn!  Nope, everything was good again.  Kyle was sitting right beside me sporting a big smile on his face and having a look in his eyes like he missed me too.  He even saved almost all of his popcorn!  Kyle didn’t even eat his buttery snack that he has to insist on getting every single time.  On the flip side, I didn’t drink the water either because I figured he’d want it.

On a side note, no one is ever allowed to eat the popcorn until the movie starts.  Yes it’s one of those irritating practices Kyle is compulsive about.  Not me, if the popcorn can be reached by my fingers, I’ll eat it, movie or no movie.  Not Kyle, he is very particular about his popcorn eating habits and we are instructed to follow suit.

While the credits rolled we just sat there in the dark and made up for lost time.  He both talked about the movie and ate the popcorn and drank the water.  We were the Aunt Heather and Kyle team again!

That might have been the worst, yet best movie experience ever!  Experiences are never regrettable, especially if you learn something, but I hope we don’t repeat it.  Although I’m not putting money on it.

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