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Don’t Judge Me For Not Getting Sick, I Suffer Differently

I have consistently loved books that I’ve read when I’ve been sick in bed.  ~Tracy Chevalier

Tis the season to get sick, except for me.  Just about everyone I know, has had or is currently suffering with a viral illness.  It’s been years since I had the flu or any other alignment.  I want to venture to say four years or more, minimally three years.  Even being around Kyle and the germs that that kid seems to attract doesn’t effect me.  Besides Kyle, within the last three years, I was also in direct contact with potential sicknesses while visiting Gram in the nursing home, another hotspot for germs.  Granted, on the contrary to diving headfirst into an incubation for all things microscopic, I’ve also decreased my interaction with the general population due to working virtually.  However, I don’t live in a cave.  I still travel for work, do the same daily routines as everyone else like grocery shopping, stopping at the post office and bank and such.

So why don’t I get sick?  I have no idea, but I’m not complaining.  I guess I’m doing something right, health wise, to have a good immune system.  My genetics must be pretty stellar too (at least in that department).  Generally speaking, I do heal pretty quickly.  (If I leave my earrings out for nearly a week, they’re already closing up.)
I was never one to get a series of small colds anyway.  My body usually has the ability to fight those pretty quickly.  However, when I do get sick, I have to schedule downtime.  That’s right, when I eventually fall under the weather, I’m truly down for extended periods and I’m not able to function.  Plus, I’m a big baby.
If I had a choice of sicknesses, I’d choose the stomach flu.  That’s right, vomiting.  Think about it, it only lasts for a maximum of two days, all contents is purged from the body allowing you to loose weight in the process, and your abdominal muscles get a good workout.  Once you’re in recovery you feel week but good. Almost cleansed.  Unlike some other viruses that can last or linger for months.  At least when you have the stomach flu, it’ll wrap up in days if not hours. Granted, those the most tortured of times, but there’s an end in sight.
I was talking to my friend Holsters the other day.  We were discussing this very thing.  She get’s sick quite frequently.  Then again, she is also a nurse that works around sick elderly patiences all day, every day.  Naturally, her chances are considerably greater to catch an airborne illness compared to mine.  At least one would deduce.  As of now, the only viruses I might deal with are computer born.
Does my heart go out to those who are constantly suffering with common aliments? Yes and no.  While life’s not fair in that respect, resulting in plenty of looks of distain over my relatively healthy immune system.  However, I do suffer equally if not more in a different manner.  Like what?
Anyone that’s never had an allergic reaction to anything, I mean a major reaction, has no idea.  I’ve been having an ongoing battle with poison ivy for years now.  Every year it gets worse and worse.  I have a story for you.  It’s not one for the faint of heart.
About two years ago, my cat Lord Fluffington, came in from a day of trotting around in my parents yard (he’s not allowed out at my house- too dangerous).  I actually remember that day when I picked him up.  He placed his big fat paw on the side of my mouth.  When I shook it off, he placed the other front paw on the side of my nose near my eye.  For some reason he loves to touch my face.  No clue.  Anyway, about a day or two later, I could feel the side of my nose and lip feeling funky.  Instantly, I knew it was poison ivy and instantly I recalled that cat touching my face.
Needless to say, within the next few days, the poison started really making its appearance.  My eyes swelled nearly shut, the side of my nose and lips were a matching set, and I had poison on my cheeks, neck and forearm.  Those were the major issues, I also had poison ivy on my leg and spots of it on my stomach and ears.
My mouth was so swollen, I couldn’t open it to eat.  When I did, it would break the blisters and it was a gross oozy mess.  Instantly, I’d loose my appetite anyway. When I slept, my constant seeping face would dry to the pillow case and I’d have to rip it off every morning (not to mention constantly changing the sheets).  Same happened to my arm.  Totally gross and miserable.
Besides that discomfort, I couldn’t work at my computer.  I’ve always had perfect vision and during that time, which lasted over a month, I couldn’t see clearly.  My eyesight was blurry and I felt ill, like I had the flu.  During the worst part of the situation, I was putting myself into Benadryl comas, which wasn’t good and didn’t help.  Not to mention, I would NOT leave the house, I was so grotesque and miserable, I stayed at my parent’s house.  To make matters worse, my alignments got worse.
How?  They did.  Being an active person, I was getting “cabin fever” and I wanted to be productive in some form or fashion.  On my list of things needed done, was to clean my Dad’s shelves in his office and rearrange and resort his stuff.  Easy enough.
My body disagreed with my seemingly innocent decision to clean.  I started off fine, I mean let’s face it, it’s not like I was doing an aerobic workout, or lifting major weight.  I was only dusting and organizing.  To finish the project, it nearly killed me, or felt that way.  My breathing became labored and my chest was seriously tight, like it was trying to squeeze all the air out.  My vision got worse and I felt like I was on the verge of collapse.  To make that day even worse, my mom got Jioio’s pizza, which I LOVE.  My mouth was half sealed from the dried ooze and all of it was still leaking over the dried skin.  I couldn’t eat the pizza even if I wanted to and I was afraid the sauce would burn the open wounds.  I went to bed.
Why didn’t I go to the doctors?  Did you hear me when I said how disgusting I looked?  It was so bad, I would have never forced anyone to look upon me and expected them to keep the contents of their stomach down.  Plus, I try to avoid taking steroids, rather letting my body heal itself.  It also takes days for the medications to take effect, I thought I’d be over the worst of it by then.  I was wrong but I still didn’t want to go to the doctors.
That’s just one example.  While I might not get sick, I do suffer in other ways that most don’t.
Do I still have Lord Fluffington after that instance?  You bet, he’s my nugget.  I am more careful where he puts his big old paws when he steps in from a day of outside play.
Thankfully, Kyle doesn’t get sick like he did as a kid. He’s pretty healthy too.  I only pray he has an immune system like me and my Dad.  Actually, I pray he doesn’t get an allergic reaction to poison ivy.
When I’m dealing with illnesses, I try and remind myself, my body needs a break.  Let it rest and read a good book (if I don’t have poison ivy in my eyes).  Other’s have it a lot worse. Be thankful.
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