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Hallmark Movie Addiction

Be an encourager. Scatter sunshine. Who knows whose life you might touch with something as simple as a kind word.  ~Debbie Macomber

During this past Holiday season, The Hallmark Channel released a bunch of new Christmas themed movies.  I was always a fan of them in the general sense.  While channel surfing, if I’d stumble upon a movie that caught my fancy, then I’d leave it on, but I never sought out a Hallmark movie, until lately.

What do I like about Hallmark movies?  They’re usually inspirational with a good moral message, mild mannered without gore or violence, no terrible language and they’re perfect for the entire family.  Plus, many times they use unnamed (not famous) actors, who add a dash of normalcy.  I find those movies refreshing, especially after the news.

Sure it’s always nice watching movies during the Christmas season about Christmas, it helps to keep you in the Holiday spirit, however, Hallmark’s latest releases really captivated me.  Really?  True story.

I like romantic comedies and love stories in addition to sci-fi, adventure, history and thrillers but I was never overly into the Hallmark movies, until this year or I should say December of 2017, since we’re well into the new year.  Having On Demand, I found myself relaxing in the evenings selecting specific movies over and over again.  Like which one?

Corey Aunt Heather Piper at Trees Mid 1990s
Me & Corey at Tree’s house in the mid 1990’s getting ready to leave for Bonkers

Snowed Inn Christmas was one of my favorites.  I loved that movie!  It was about two journalists on their way to Aspen, competing for the same position, when they found themselves stuck in Christmas, Illinois due to a blizzard.  They stayed at the Winter’s Inn and naturally saved the day for the Inn, found their Christmas spirit, and fell in love all within two hours.  The story moved along and the actors really fit the roles.  Plus, they featured snow, it wasn’t a movie that took place in the south.  Snow really adds to the Christmas cheer.

Snowed Inn Christmas, get the play on words?  I loved that too.

It’s funny, I was talking to my friends Markelle and Holsters (separately) and I mentioned my Hallmark movie addiction, expecting one or both gals to laugh at me, like I’m a little old lady.  No.  They both agreed and admitted to the same addiction, especially the new Christmas movies.

I guess I’m not the only one.  Now, I can’t wait for Hallmark’s other releases throughout the year.  I’ll be sure to check those out.

Did I only watch Hallmark movies?  No silly.  Some of my other Christmas favorites include: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause movies, Elf, The Harry Potter movies (perfect all year round), Christmas With the Kranks (Free Frosty!) and Just Friends (totally hilarious!).  I enjoy the old classics too like Frosty the Snowman.

It was a rough Christmas.  Sadly, Kyle totally broke my heart.  I created what I thought would have been a fun and adventurous scavenger hunt for him that turned out he didn’t want to participate and declined.  Yes, he refused my gift.  Why?  I honestly have no idea.  I truly believed he loved last year’s scavenger hunt.  Maybe I was wrong.

We went to the movies Saturday night to see Star Wars, The Last Jedi and had a nice time.  Sure, earlier it was a dreary rainy day but I stayed up late to go to the movies with Kyle and Nicole, even though it was well past my bedtime. I’ll do anything to spend time with my little man.

Then, Sunday (Christmas Eve Day) morning came around the corner and I thought Kyle and I would take the day to have our adventure, only to my surprise, my plans didn’t go that way.

Not only did it take me three days to put the scavenger hunt together and work out the details , which included a friend of his to make it more interactive, my sister, my friend and other family members, it also cost me money I didn’t have this year.  I didn’t want the scavenger hunt to only be about me, I wanted everyone to partake and share Christmas with Kyle.  After all that is Christmas.

I thought I actually outdid myself with the scavenger hunt.  There were a few good deeds to show Kyle Christmas is about giving back, and some educational fun facts. It was a driving scavenger hunt too to give Kyle additional practice behind the wheel.  To make it more exciting, I got him little gifts to pick up along the way with each clue before his big gifts at the end.  I designed it for Kyle’s own well being and to reinforce his moral compass, plus to have a little adventure.

Kyle wanted nothing to do with it or any of my gifts for him.  I was stunned.  My Dad was the only one who tried to get him to go and stood up for me, while the rest of my family (family, not strangers) brushed me off and let Kyle act like a spoiled brat.  It was clear they were trying to separate me from Kyle (as happens sometimes, jealousy is an ugly trait).  Personally, I couldn’t believe Kyle was acting like that, but then again, I’m not the only one in his life that influences him and sometimes darker forces take hold.

I was so upset I wished him a Merry Christmas before he left Sunday night, and never looked at him or hugged him.  I haven’t spoken or seen Kyle since.  I did text him on New Year’s wishing him well, but no response.

Why do we always hurt the ones that care the most for us and do the most?  I don’t want praise for anything I just want respect and love and for Kyle to realize his error and fix it.  Not for me, but for himself, for personal growth and to maintain goodness in his heart.  I know he’s a good kid, but his behavior was completely unacceptable, along with my mother and sister, and anyone else who influenced him negatively.

I still hoped he had a good Christmas.  I still enjoyed seeing Kyle.

A note about the quote.  Debbie Macomber is a bestselling author.  Some of her novels have been adapted into Hallmark Channel movies. She draws inspiration from her two businesses, based in Port Orchard, Washington: The Grey House Café, formerly the Victorian Rose Tea Room, has been featured in her Cedar Cove series, and A Good Yarn Shop has appeared in her Blossom Street series.

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