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Live Music. True Entertainment

Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.  ~Jean Paul Friedrich Richter

This past Thursday, mom received a text message from Kyle saying he had a music recital for symphonic band that evening.  While, Kyle never gives a ton of notice, at least he notifies.

Did I go?  Of course, I would never miss any activity of Kyle’s if I could help it.

Duncan and Kyle Winter Concert Kiski 2-1-18 Aunt Heather Piper
Duncan & Kyle looking good at the Kiski Symphonic Band Concert 2/1/18

It was a lovely evening of concert band, symphonic band, wind ensemble, and percussion ensemble.  The entire Kiski music program is stellar and the students are truly talented.  I really enjoyed the musical selections and I had a relaxing evening, even though the weather outside was less than desirable with a mixture of rain and snow.  It was worth the trek.

The best part of the evening was watching Kyle.  It was over a month since I’ve seen or talked to him last, not by my choice.  I’ve reached out on several occasions to only hear crickets.  I get it, he doesn’t want to be bothered.

Kyle playing tuba Kiski winter concert 2-1-18 Aunt Heather Piper

Kyle playing the tuba Kiski band concert 2-1-18 Aunt Heather Piper

From the minute Kyle’s group was entering and exiting the stage, I picked out Kyle instantly.  He was looking good in his tuxedo.  After the Symphonic Band performance, the students sat in the seats to my right.  Perfect positioning.  I was sitting in the isle seat beside their section.  What luck!  Granted, Kyle chose to sit on the furtherest end, opposite to me, of that section, but I’ll take it.

Enjoying the music and seeing Kyle from afar were only a couple goals of the evening.  The other?  Get a few good pics of my little music man.  To assist me in meeting this goal, I employed a couple nearby gals in the Kiski music program to take my camera and snap candid shots of Kyle.  I could have easily done so and I wouldn’t have cared, but I didn’t want Kyle to throw an anti-photo fit.  Thinking he wouldn’t act like that with cute young girls, I sent them on the mission and found out I was right.  They captured excellent pictures for which I am truly grateful.  The ladies did a terrific job!

Once the entire concert was over, I saw Kyle exit stage right.  I couldn’t help myself, I wasn’t that far away and I found myself calling out his name.  (Not too loud or obnoxious, just enough to get his attention). He heard me, stopped, and I believe I saw an eye roll before meeting me halfway.  Noticing he couldn’t stop that huge grin from escaping his face, I realized he must have been reflecting my facial expression.  I was truly happy to see Kyle and talk to him.  He even gave me a partial hug. What a perfect unplanned evening!

After Kyle gave me a few minutes of his time, I made my way out the auditorium to run into a few band parents along they way.  It was like a chaperoning reunion.  I miss those folks.  Kiski band is like family.  What wonderful people.

We’ll Kyle’s junior year of high school will soon be coming to an end.  Total bitter sweet.

Kiski Winter Band Program book

About the quote:  German writer Jean Paul (born March 21, 1763) had a vision of his own death the day after his 28th birthday. He later credited the experience for changing his whole world view and for inspiring his first popular book, Die unsichtbare Loge (“The Invisible Lodge”). (Goodreads)

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