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What to say about Kyle…

Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle Edward Piper born on 7/30/01.    Sitting with his daddy Ryan Edward Piper.

Let’s start at the beginning. Kyle Edward Piper was born on July 30, 2001. My brother’s little 6lb 10oz. blond hair blue eyed baby boy. Actually since he’s the only grandchild, I guess he’s everyone’s little baby boy. And so the stage is set to start Kyle’s story.

Kyle stays at my parents house with me Friday through Sunday and I get him one day during the week for swimming lessons. My parents and I have had Kyle half time since his dad died in 2001, when Kyle was a week shy from being three months old.

Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle at the Piper Runion with his pap pap and gigi.

I’ll never forget when Ryan, my brother told me that he was going to be a dad. We were just talking, about what I have no idea, and Ryan kept calling me aunt Heather. I really didn’t catch on at first, sometimes I can be kinda thick, that is, until I saw the excitement radiating from his face. Ryan couldn’t help himself. He was so extremely ecstatic. Personally my first thought was, o my, I’m going to be the coolest aunt ever! Of course at that time, I knew my only responsibility with this mystery baby was just being his aunt.

Kyle Piper ready for Easter Mass with Aunt Heather Piper and Family
Kyle ready for Easter Mass… clip on tie… top button unbuttoned…

Kyle was born on a Monday morning in Latrobe Hospital. My mom and I were there by Ryan’s side waiting for the expecting bundle of joy. Dad and Nicole, my sister were on the phones. Of course being typical Ryan, he ate a dozen donuts before they got the show on the road. Only my brother, never lost his appetite for anything. When they finally wheeled that baby in the room, he wouldn’t open his eyes! I wanted to see if he had Ryan’s blue eyes. This is the day I knew stubborn was going to be a part of Kyle’s personality. I even tried to gently pull his eyes open until Ryan told me to leave him alone.

Kyle, a.k.a. Narrow… let’s discuss his nickname. When Kyle was three months old, my sister informed us that Kyle’s name in Gaelic means a place-name referring to the narrows; a wood or a church. Ironically, he was nothing but narrow. Hence the nickname, Narrow. His feet were too wide for shoes. I couldn’t even get his top button on his shirts buttoned and I had a hard time pulling shirts over his head. That Easter I bought him a cute little suite, including a tie for church. I ended up clipping the tie to the second button just because I wanted him to wear the complete suite, tie and all.

Kyle has always been a great little man. He is polite, insightful, bright, smart, and he has a true heart. He honestly cares about people and the family pets. He loves animals, the family dog, Scooby and my cat, Pudd’in as well as any other animal he has encountered, horses, goats etc.

Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle & Casey (cousin & godfather) at the 2009 Planinsek Fishing Derby.

Kyle has always showed his personality and sense of humor. I mean his screen name is Lego Man, which is a step up from his self professed name, Puzzle Boy, when he was younger. He has never been shy, even when we’re in the store looking for something and I make him walk back and forth. He always says to me, “Aunt Heather, can’t we just ask someone, it will go quicker” or “Aunt Heather can I just ask someone for help?”. That’s my Kyle, never shy. He also has no trouble calling someone out on their inaccuracies. He will tell you how it is especially if they are wrong or have broken the rules. Kyle is very honest and follows the rules, which I love.

Of course I am extremely bias but Kyle is a great little man. I will say he needs to work on his whining and his need to want every toy on the planet. I understand he is a child, but he tends to be a bit dramatic at times. I’m still praying for that one personality trait to change, but maybe it’s part of God’s bigger picture for Kyle. There is no denying that Kyle is spoiled, at no real fault of his own. I blame my parents and my sister since I am more of the disciplinarian.

Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle helping his pap pap haul branches and clean up the yard.

Kyle has an eclectic mix of interests including snowboarding, building Legos, playing videos games, watching movies, fishing, shooting guns, playing the piano and playing the guitar. Kyle snowboards with me and my cousins every winter since he was 3 years old. He’s pretty good, not a dare devil but he enjoys it in small doses. I think the Lego building and video game playing are self explanatory. He lives with that DS attached to his hip, literally. He has a carrying case for the DS, games and cord, which he straps over his shoulder like a purse. It goes with him everywhere, even the bathroom. Kyle really likes movies, among some of his favorites are the Star Wars trilogy, the Lord of the Rings movies, Cars, Avatar, Elf and the Indiana Jones movies. The first time he went to the movie theater I wasn’t sure what to expect, considering he was three or four years old.

He loved it, we went to see Winnie the Pooh. He walked through the hall saying, “This is nice”. When we got to our seats, his eyes became the size of his head when he saw the screen. He told my mom, “Gigi, there was a huge TV screen” That kid cracks me up. He sat on my lap throughout the entire movie and we had a great time.

Kyles first quad - Aunt Heather Piper
Kyle on his 1st quad, running over what used to be his sandbox…

Kyle is part of a long line of Piper’s, and Piper’s are outdoorsy people who are avid hunters and fishermen. As part of the tradition, every child receives their first rifle from the grandfather when the child turns one. Kyle already received his .22, among other guns and knives over the years. I think now is a good time to call out, that guns are taken very seriously in the household. We were all showed how to properly handle and use them. My dad has always taken us target shooting to become comfortable with using firearms. Guns are not a secret, so there was never a curiosity. Now that I have cleared that up, back to Kyle’s interests…

For Kyle’s sixth birthday, I got him piano lessons. Needless to say, LOVE is not even a strong enough word to describe his interest in music and the piano lessons. He was so excited when my mom took him for his first lesson, mom thought he was going to jump out of his skin. We got him a keyboard to practice at my parents house and over the years I purchased him another keyboard to practice when he wasn’t with us. For his Christmas gift in 2009, I got Kyle a guitar (thanks to Norman for helping to pick it out) and guitar lessons. Originally he wanted to play guitar when I got him the piano lessons, but I told him if he would practice diligently, when the teacher said he was ready I would get him the guitar. So I kept my promise. Now he takes piano and guitar lessons every week and practices every day.

I could go on and on about Kyle but I think I’m starting to steal my own thunder. I will reveal more about this great little man as time goes on. But I will say that Kyle continues to impress me and I am very proud of him!



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