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Welcome to my blog, Aunt Heather! Be prepared to go on a roller coaster ride through my life while I help raise my nephew. These entries not only show my thoughts but show the world through his eyes…

Nicole Ryan Heather Piper ready for dance recital
Ryan, Nicole & Heather Piper ready for dance recital… Codefish Ball.

There will be sudden stops, bumps and bruises but everything, and I mean everything done was out of complete love for one little boy. I am not a teacher, philosopher, writer or a theologian. I am a simple average person that’s been given a huge responsibility and I’ve been learning through trial and error and simple observation… no safety manual… no instructions.

When I was kicking around the idea of a blog, I initially wanted to start it for the sole purpose of recording Kyle’s daily life. Basically, I didn’t want to forget to tell my parents, sister, family and friends all the insightful and funny things Kyle says and does when he’s with me. Once I started to record these stories for the blog, I realized there was a deeper meaning behind the events… and they were life lessons. Yes it’s true, Kyle has taught me more about life and myself than any school, job, family or friend. It’s amazing how one child can change a life.

Nicole, Heather, Ryan Piper at Grams- Aunt Heather Piper
Nicole, Heather, Ryan Piper at grams house on Easter after church.

Guess I better explain the story so there is a complete understanding for the situation and to clear up any future confusion. Kyle (Narrow) is my nephew, my little man. He is my favorite in the entire world, my best friend. We are pretty tight; we definitely have a unique relationship, the best ever! In some respects I act like his mother, his father, an older sibling, a friend and of course his aunt. I am a proud godmother that wears many hats, taking each of them very seriously and holding them close to my heart. All of my actions, all of my reasoning for my actions and all of my intentions are purely focused on the spiritual, physical and mental well being of Kyle. This blog is not for any recognition or appraisal, its just to record his story. Hopefully there will be some value uncovered from these stories, and if nothing else I hope you are as entertained by Kyle as I am.

I’m sure as my blog moves along I will get into the details but as of right now I’ll give the cliff notes since its such a high and low story. It begins on July 30, 2001… Kyle Edward Piper was born, my nephew, my only nephew. I was there in the hospital rocking that little bundle of baby that day. In fact Ryan my brother, Kyle’s dad, and I were fighting over who gets to hold him. I won of course…

… fast forward to October 23, 2001. Ryan Edward Piper, my brother passed away in a car accident a little over a mile from my parent’s house. Ryan just turned 24 years old a month prior and Kyle was a week shy from being three months old. Up until that point, my life consisted of trying to find myself, finding my focus and just basically getting by in life. Then, I answered one phone call that brought my life to a screeching halt, drastically changing it forever. Now, not only was I unfocused and clueless, but I had a nephew to help raise. It’s easy to dwell on what is missing, what is no longer present, but my family and I have managed to continue, for the sake of a little boy. That little boy that helped me and continues to help me find focus and find my purpose in life. That one little boy, that has taught me a world of knowledge and continues to teach me. That one little boy that has brought peace to my life and has showed me what pure simple love is all about. God has truly blessed us with a gift and I am privileged to have the opportunity to participate in His blessing.

…and so the story begins.

Heather, Ryan, Nicole Piper- Aunt Heather Piper
Heather, Lisa (cousin), Ryan & Nicole at Lisa’s 2nd Birthday party. 7/30/81- 20 years later Kyle was born.
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