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In order to assist in the understanding of some of the blog entries, I felt it was appropriate to create a separate page dedicated to slang, Heatherisims, and nicknames. In no particular order:

The Piper Family Picture
The Piper Family at Gutchess 2004- First family picture taken since Ryan passed away.

Ronald Piper or Ron
– Kyle’s fraternal grandfather
– Better known as Pappy or Pap pap

Rita Piper
– Kyle’s fraternal grandmother
– Better known as Gigi sometimes Grammy

Nicole Piper
– Kyle’s aunt and godmother
– Used to be referred to as Aunt Nitty
– More commonly called Aunt Nikki

Heather Piper (ME)
– Kyle’s aunt and godmother
– Used to be referred to as Aiya, mommy Aiya
– More commonly called Aunt Heather

Pudd’in- My cat who passed away spring of 2012.  She was given to me by my friend Tree in 1995ish.  I was suppose to be a foster home, but alas 19 years later, my pudd’in and I were buds.  She still played like a kitten and slept with me when I’m at my parents house up until passing.

Scooby- The family’s yellow laboratory retriever.  Kyle really like watching the cartoon Scooby Doo.  Kyle’s choices were Scooby Doo or Flame On (Torch from the fantastic four, again Kyle was a huge fan).  He unanimously agreed to Scooby.  We got him around 2006, Kyle held the puppy on his lap, bringing him to his permanent home.

Seven- The family’s black laboratory retriever.  We adopted him from the pound.  He was named seven by the pound because he has a white seven on his chest.  To me it looks more like a question mark.  He has adopted me as his sidekick, following me all around.  Seven arrived around spring of 2010 and was already about 18 months old.

Storm- The newest member of the Piper family.  She was founded by my friend Holly in Latrobe.  I couldn’t resist the little grey tiger stripped cotton ball of fur.  I brought her home on Friday 6/22/12, already being eight weeks old.  Her birthday is around the first week of May, which Kyle and I agreed was May 1, 2012.

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