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More In Her Head Than an Aneurysm – Follow Up Miracle!

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.  ~C. S. Lewis

Me & Markelle at Hilton Head, walking the beach! 10/2011

Previously, I wrote about a really good friend of mine who went into brain surgery due to an aneurysm.  More In Her Head Than an Aneurysm.  Yes, I wasn’t sure if it ruptured or not, and in the weeks following Markelle’s surgery, I got to talk to her on the phone.  She confirmed it did indeed rupture and she is now a walking miracle.  Yes, she has her motor functions, speech, and every other part of daily living we take for granted!

Praying for that little lady daily and her family, I continuously received good news from the moment her surgery ended to present day.  Totally fantastic!  I wanted to share her good cheer with everyone, especially those of you who asked about this strong soul.

Markelle recently updated all of us via email.  Smart lady, the quickest and easiest way to spread the much anticipated information without sounding like a broken record or accidentally omitting information from one person to the next.

Please take a moment and read about Markelle’s success after brain surgery and suffering from a ruptured aneurysm.  This email is taken word for word, no altering.  She is still very well spoken and as always, such a sweet and sincere person.  Markelle is truly a miracle!


Wooo the beautiful weather coincides with my most excellent follow up appointment! This appointment was a result of OUR effort, all of us together. I know I would have never healed as well as I have without your support and love. Honestly, it’s very easy to get into “woe is me, WHY me” mode, but with all of you helping me, how could I even go there? Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and those words do not begin to convey my gratitude or how loved I feel.

In summary, I felt like I walked out of that office today, and it was the happiest ending to a stressful movie or book that I just read. Walking into the building, it was obvious that we were visiting a neurology doctor. Canes, wheelchairs and walkers were out in force in the waiting room, and I strolled right in. Even though I have some minor things going on; it’s a miracle that I don’t have any type of physical paralysis. The morning this happened, I prayed and prayed before my surgery to just wake up afterward. That’s all I prayed, just let me wake up. As I lay there in bed for those 3 weeks, I knew that I could have a stroke at any time and it could paralyze me. I’m beyond grateful that I will one day turn a cartwheel. I will make it into a weird pretzel pose in yoga, I will swim, I will ride my bike, I will climb more rock walls, maybe not all this year, but eventually I plan to do it all.

The fatigue is a normal part of the process. The doctor didn’t have an exact time frame for when it will clear; I’ve read on the forums that it can last from 3 months to 6 months to a year or longer, so I’ll just settle my butt down and take it easy for a while. I’m going to grumble about it, because OMG, there is nothing slow about me, but at least I’m in the South, where it’s OK to be laid back a bit.

I have some minor issues; blood leaked into my spinal fluid, and it takes a while to break up, which is why I have sciatic pain that makes me yell profanity when I get up from sitting or lying down. I have a depression on the side of my forehead now, apparently when “skinny head” people have this type of surgery you can see it; he said it won’t get worse, but as I age, it may become more pronounced. I happily reported that I do not suffer from regular headaches (a very common long term side effect; ironically I left there with a whopper of a headache). My short term memory is a little sketchy; but not too bad. He asked me if I misplace things now, I laughed and said that isn’t a fair question because I misplaces EVERYTHING before this all started.

Driving: I got the Green light to drive 🙂 I won’t be driving excessively far right now, or often, or at night when my fatigue is the worst. I’m so grateful I can still drive my car. Out of all the things my Dad missed out on after his aneurysm, I perceived that one of the worst things he lost was his ability to work a clutch. When I bought my first 5 speed, he said he wished he could drive it. From that day forward, I vowed never to complain about a clutch or the annoyance of shifting in heavy traffic, I’m so excited to get back behind the wheel. Thank you to everyone who has helped transport Olivia, and I will rely on you for a little while longer, I’ll be in touch separately to communicate about that as I heal and gain more energy.

Meals – thank you for your continued support on this one thing. I will shout out if I get behind and can’t keep up with that in the future once the volunteers die down. I have grand ideas of a “dream dinner” party where we buy the stuff from the store and assemble it here on a weekend, but nah, that was the old Markelle, this is the new Markelle, I probably won’t be entertaining for a while (if you get an invite from me before June 1, don’t accept, say you’re busy and I’ll thank you later).

The meals so far have been a Godsend and I’m convinced that’s why my Mom is not running for the hills; Eric, Liv and I can create quite a daily mess to keep up with, I’ve been doing absolutely NOTHING since I got home from the hospital. Reading, facebooking, internet surfing, sleeping, and an occasional movie.

My Mom plans on leaving this weekend, so I’ll be back full throttle on the house stuff. Luckily I was not an overachiever in the housekeeping and laundry arena, so I don’t have much to live up to. If you visit and it’s a wicked mess; I’ll apologize and offer you a seat among the mess. If it’s really bad I’ll hand you the sweeper and give you a wink.

That’s it! My story is going to have a happy ending, and your love and generosity have everything to do with it. Thank you for helping us through this journey.

Much love, lots of sunshine, and more love to you,

Markelle, Eric & Liv

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