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A Sincere Thank You!

Never ruin an apology with an excuse.  ~Kimberly Johnson

Marla (cousin) & our little dirtball Kyle at the Planinsek Pavilion 2002

Like many Americans, I do publicly show support for our military, (Happy Veterans Day, Silent Admiration, Remembering All Veterans) those who served and those still serving, past and present.   I don’t mean to downplay any and all efforts performed by our men and women in the armed forces, or those who serve a little closer to home such firemen and police officers.  But I want to give a special shout out to all the hard working Americans who make a difference, every day, without any recognition.

It’s no secret, I’ve always had an affinity for nurses, regarding them with the utmost respect.  I truly mean that.  Why?  I have no idea, perhaps it’s because of their loving nature or their desire to help others, or their moral support and experience during an emergency.  They are everything I am not and I appreciate that, one hundred percent.  I’ve met quite a few nurses in my short life, and each and every one of them have impressed me.

Over the years it was nurses who have brought us good news, like the birth of a healthy baby boy, to later be named Kyle.  It was also nurses who helped us with the tragedy of Kyle’s dad passing, my brother, not so great news.  It was nurses, some related and some friends who have managed to keep those near and dear to me trucking along.  Paula (Olczak) Klotz (cousin), Helen (Piper) Scanlon (cousin), Maureen Butina (friend), Mike Reese and Holly Reese (friends) and Sabre McClellend (friend) all have played major rolls in my life with respect to their discipline, in one way or another.

On a side note, if I left anyone out, I do apologize.

To me a hospital or any sort of medical facility works like the human body. It’s going non-stop, all the time, without fail, without thought, and sometimes without sleep.  The body continues from our very beginning, till the very end.  In that engineering structure, there are jobs to be done, all important and all unique.  If I had to sum it up, nurses are the heart of the body, physically and metaphorically.  Nurses are at the center of it all, and we can’t live without them.  They are constantly pumping life throughout all parts of this massive form and in turn, taking in the depleted to turn it around to push out more life.  Like I said, nurses are all heart.

I know I can’t categorize everyone under the same umbrella, rather I shouldn’t, and not all who share in the title of nurse, fits my perception and experience.  Like any discipline, there are those who have a passion for it and those who go through the motions.  Although, I can’t snub my nose at the later, for they too are hard working and pull their own weight, paving their own way without a free ride.

Aunt Helen Scanlon (cousin) & her mother Aunt Mary Piper. Helen was a great nurse who took care of my pappy for years.

Now, I want to take my thanks a step further.  Those who assist the nurses.  Yes, the nurses aids.  The worker bees who * “do the thankless dirty work”.  Again, without downplaying any other medical professional role.  Everyone is important and needed to keep the machine running.

If I was to classify nurses as the heart of the body, I guess that makes the nurses aids the pulmonary artery and the aorta and the veins and such.  Those functions for helping the heart do its job.

On another side note, I know just because I took anatomy and physiology in college, I am no expert on the human body, let alone a major origin like the heart, or any other organ for that matter.  Although, I am proud to say I dissected a brain, eyeball and a frog so I’m no stranger to the medical world.  Just no expert or even an experienced worker.

My cousin Marla (Olczak) Sutton is a nurses aid, as well as a lot of other people I know.  Seeing it first hand, they work hard and I know what their job entails and doesn’t entail, which they have to endure.

So where am I going with all this?  Basically I want to say thank you!  Thank you for all your hard work, thank you for all your patience and thank you for caring.  I am not a sensitive person and perhaps my heart is two sizes too small, but I don’t have that passion for the sick like these individuals do.  They are what makes a difference in the lives they touch or indirectly touch.

I am shameful that most of the time, these medical professionals are background noise for me.  Not that I would ever disrespect anyone or treat them any less, EVER.  I simply just don’t pay attention.

Holly Reese & me at Crossfit 2014

Then, there are times when someone is so disrespectful, when the misbehaved person should be the complete opposite and should appreciate those who are trying to make their lives better.  I’m speaking in reference to Alice Piper.  Truth be told, she is my paternal grandmother, even though I don’t like owning up to it.  Why?

Recently, one of the nursing assistants, yes one of our beloved worker bees, went through an ordeal that no one should ever face.  Poor Debbie Brant, a single mom working two jobs, trying to put one kid through college, was assaulted by none other than Alice.  Even worse, it was with a dirty gross washcloth to the face.  I’m sure there are many stories more horrific than this, but my grandma wasn’t behind those (at least I hope not).  I take the embarrassment of my grandmother’s behavior, one she has graciously and unwillingly bestowed on our family, very personally and regrettably.

One day I’ll write the tale of Alice the Awful, but now is NOT about her.  Take my word for it, I am not exaggerating about this nasty old lady in the slightest.  There is no excuse for her attitude, her filthy mouth, her immature behavior, her threats or her physical abuse.  None!  No mental illness, nothing!  She is a miserable example for a human being, let alone a great-grandmother to Kyle and Cheyenne!  Sincerely, it’s a known fact that Alice is just plain mean and horrible and disrespectful.  Take it from my experience, she has been that way her ENTIRE life.  Even my dad can vouch for the truth I speak of.  Again, one day I will outline Alice the Awful.

Debbie, I know no amount of apologizes would fix the situation nor change it, but on behalf of my family, “I’m sorry” and “Thank you” for your efforts and hard work.  If in the future you need anything from me or my family, anything to help make your life a little easier, let us know!  You’ve put up with enough crap!  Please note, just because we don’t say it, we are appreciative of you and everyone else who deals with Alice (other patients included).  So to everyone else who has to endure Alice the Awful, I too am sorry.  I surely hope you will be rewarded in heaven for this!

*Quote from Aunt Hot Dogs

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