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You Only Live Once – #YOLO

Life is a beautiful magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish.  ~Charles Chaplin

First I want to say, I was instructed by one Ms. Nicole Piper to NOT write a blog entry about her birthday party.  When will she learn, telling me to do something won’t make it happen.  Here goes…

#YOLO, yep that was the theme of my sister’s fortieth birthday celebration that took place this past Friday.  On a side note, #YOLO was not my idea!  I just kept the theme going.  She told me she wanted everything #YOLO.  So I gave it to her… on the save-the-dates, invites, programs and decor.

Nicole Postcard YOLO Aunt Heather Piper

It’s true, her actual birthday was March 16th Happy Birthday Aunt Nikki!  The Big 40!.  So why such a lapse in time between birthday and party?  Simply, the venue in which Nicole wanted her party, Jammin’ Java’s, was booked until this past Friday.

The Penn State Crew, Katherine, Portia, Nicole, Leslie & Smaro. They are the definition of #YOLO 6/6/14

It was a night packed filled with a comedian, Matty Litwack, who I guess was a physicist turned comedian.  Perfect for that group of engineers!  Then, Todd Wright played guitar and sang the night away, until the dancing begun.

The party was dedicated to her best friend, Dr. Jennifer (Smith) Galbraith (Blue Skies Dr. Jennifer (Smith) Galbraith) investigation still ongoing) who passed away last year.  In lieu of gifts, she asked everyone to donate to the Women Giving Back – A HomeAid Northern Virginia Program.  Great idea!  What a perfect way to celebrate life, by helping others live a real life.

I’ll hand it to my sister, she does know how to throw a party!  It was well organized and all details were covered.

Elisa & Nicole… Nicole should have been paying attention to me! #YOLO 6/6/14

Personally, it was nice to meet some of her co-workers and past co-workers and catch up with others I’ve previous met.  Elisa was as always, welcoming and full of life!  Seeing her brings back memories from one Thanksgiving in which, her and her cousin joined us for the turkey feast.  Throughout the night, we caught up and even compared stories and shared pictures of my nephew and her godchild.

Some guests I met for the first time.  It’s neat to hear their perspective regarding my sister.  According to many, the ridge hasn’t left Nicole, yet if you’d ask dad and me, she’s all city now.  I even heard a few mention about Google’ing my parents house out of curiosity with respect to ‘The Ridge’.  OK?  Kind of creepy, but I get the audience I’m dealing with, a group of engineers who are probably like Nicole, and research everything plus have never experienced ‘The Ridge’!  Unfortunately, my parents don’t live on “The Piper Ridge”, but it’s all the same.

The Piper Gals! Nicole, mom & me. #YOLO 6/6/14

It was also great to see the old Penn State crew!  In fact, I was laughing when Portia used my name.  I told her, “I think that’s the first time I heard you refer to me by my name and not, ‘Nikki’s Sister’.”  In college when I would call for Nicole, and one of her friends answered, I would hear, “I think it’s Nikki’s sister since she asked for Nicole.”

Those gals were always a nice bunch.  I got to hang with them briefly.  We even talked about the book I wrote this year.  Yes, on another side note, I wrote a young adult book, originally for Kyle to read, and then I started the second one for a serious.  Not to mention, the flood gates opened up and I have ideas for many more books, which I plan on writing, if for nothing else, just to get my stories out of my head and give Kyle something handmade by me.

I’m considering trying to get the book published, which I was given great advice from Leslie on what to do and how to go about doing it.  She too is an author!  Thanks Leslie for the guidance, I might call you one day to further discuss and compare notes.

Nicole introducing the singer for the evening Todd Wright. It looks like she’s taking lead vocals…. Look in the background… it says #YOL9X with a cat! Only my sister!  #YOLO 6/6/14

Those ladies crack me up!  They are truly awesome!

Mom and I made the trek down to Virginia for the birthday bash.  Where was dad?  He was watching the dogs, like a babysitter instead of putting them in a doggie hotel.  Where was Kyle?  He was in Hershey Park with his jazz band for school.  Then, after they performed, the kids got to stay and ride the rides.  It was a late night for all, except dad.  Kyle said they got back to the school at 1:00 am.  Nicole said mom and I were allowed to stay until 10:00 pm and then we had to make our grand exits, so she could have fun with her friends.  Naturally, I stated the obvious, “I am the fun!”  I know many would agree!

It’s a shame the entire family wasn’t present, but again we are all better suited for the ridge and not the hustle and bustle of the D.C. Metro area, except for Nicole.

A few decorations for Nicole’s #YOLO Party… Yes that 40 sign is covered in pics of Nicole – all years! #YOLO 6/6/14

The best part about the night?  Knowing Nicole, my older and only sister will always and forever be older than me!  We are very opposite in many ways.  This one includes her embracing the big four-0.  I however, will NEVER turn forty!

#YOLO Party was dedicated to Dr. Jennifer (Smith) Galbraith. There were pictures in memory of Jen & Ryan … & Kyle made his appearance! 6/6/14

Happy Birthday Aunt Nikki!


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